Loans on Fine Wines


If you have been considering to “pawn my fine wine”, at Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive, we can help you unlock the value of your fine wine by offering you the chance to get loans on your fine wines collection. Whether you have a single bottle or a collection, we can help. We have a wealth of experience when it comes to offering loans against fine wines, so if your collection is doing little but gathering dust, why not use it as collateral and secure yourself a loan?

We can provide loans on fine wines for owners of wines from both established and more contemporary vineyards. Bottles of Rothschild, Latour, Petrus, Château d’Yquem, Penfolds Grange, Margaux and many more could be your ticket to a loan, so make sure you stop by to have your fine wine appraised by one of our experts.

Beverly Hills Pawnbroking & Lending offers loans against fine wines collections as one of its many pawning services.

Pawning your fine wine

Our experts will take everything into consideration when valuing your fine wine in order to achieve an appraisal that’s both fair and accurate. We have a loans against fine wines department specifically for valuing and appraising fine wines. So if you have a collection of fine or vintage wines, you can be sure of an accurate valuation with our complimentary appraisal service.


The valuation process is essential to determine how much you can borrow against fine wines. The fine wine department at Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive will start by working to establish the provenance of your vintage wine. If you’re looking to pawn old fine wines you feel may be of value, we will work to confirm the wine is from a reputable source. Unfortunately, fraudulent wine is quite common within the market, and it’s only through thorough checks, carried out by experts, that we can determine the provenance of the wine.


Paperwork will also let us know how the wine has been stored from when it was initially bottled and how it has arrived at its present location. Knowing the chain of storage of your fine wine will help confirm that the wine hasn’t been exposed to poor conditions or events that could have contributed to damaging or prematurely ageing the wine.

Drinking range

If you’d like to lend against vintage wines, it’s important to remember that fine wines have a definitive lifespan, during which there is a peak drinking time. Depending on the vintage, as well as the producer and region of the wine, it’s quite common for wine to be premature. There is also a peak drinking range and a period where the wine would be considered to be in decline in terms of its drinkability. Our experts will use their knowledge and conduct research to determine which drinking range your fine wine is in so that an accurate valuation can be reached.

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