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Top 10 Most Expensive Hermes Bags Ever Sold at Auction as of 2021

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Has curiosity led you to asking questions like “What is the most expensive Hermes bag ever sold at auction”, “What is the most expensive Birkin bag in 2021”, “Why are Birkin bags or Hermes bags so expensive”, or ” What is the most expensive bag in the world as of 2021″? Hermes bags are both rare and valuable. Not readily available new, the auction market for Hermes bags is always lively.

Hermes of Paris is a manufacturer of luxurious and exquisite products such as clothing jewelry, shoes, and accessories, all packed in iconic orange boxes with black trim. However, the item the company is most famous for is the ladies handbag. Hermes handbags, particularly the classic “Birkin” shape are instantly recognizable to those in the know and are exceptionally keenly sought after, even second-hand. Indeed, some investment brokers have to wryly admit that a Hermes bag can hold its value over many other investment choices. Some auction houses, such as Christie’s hold auctions specifically for iconic fashion pieces, and the most expensive Hermes bags, particularly the most expensive Birkin bags, have frequently caused a stir by fetching record prices at auctions. A study in 2017 study showed that the value of the Hermès Birkin bag had increased 500% over the last 35 years, which represents an increase of 14% per year. This constant increase in price led to many questions on why are Hermes bags so expensive.

Auctions are a collector’s paradise. They attract buyers and bidders from all walks of life who make purchases and bids in person, online, and over the phone. The price of items sold at the auction is generally higher than usual because the price is determined by the buyers themselves and the rarity of the item. Buyers can find rare luxury items such as jewelry, art, clothes, and even handbags at auctions. Below are the 10 most expensive Hermes Birkin bags ever sold at auction as of 2021.

1. Himalaya Niloticus crocodile diamond Birkin Bag 30 cm

This bag is made from the Niloticus crocodile’s hide, and its color is inspired by the Himalayan mountains, which inspire its color. From the dark foothills, the mountains rise majestically into the mist and are topped by white caps of snow. Dying crocodile hide is no easy task, but the skilled artisans at Hermes do an incredible job. The hide comes from the albino crocodile, which means it is naturally white in colour, and as white albino crocodiles are very rare in nature, this bag is a notably rare piece. The bag has a gorgeous gradient of pearl white and smoky grey. People often ask, “Why are Hermes Birkin bags so expensive?” and here is the answer. The hardware on this stunning diamond Hermes handbag features 18k white gold and 240 diamonds. It is a portable work of art and says all it needs to about the owner’s style and status.

This bag is extremely rare because only a few pieces were produced. It is the most expensive Hermes Birkin bag ever sold at auction, selling for $380,000.

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The Hermes Birkin bag was first created in 1984, by the former Hermès chief executive Jean-Louis Dumas. The story goes that Dumas was on a flight from Paris to London when he met the glamourous British actress, Jane Birkin. Birkin was carrying a bag full of possessions and accessories which tipped up, spilling the contents. She complained to Dumas about the difficulty of finding a good practical and beautiful handbag for traveling, Dumas was hooked and began to draw designs on the back of a sick bag. The rest is history!

If you are wondering what is the most popular Hermes bag, there is no question that since its introduction, the Birkin bag has become the most sought-after and the most expensive in the Hermes series. Instantly recognizable, and available in a dizzying array of colours and finishes, Hermes Birkin has been spotted on the arms of many sparkling celebrities over decades, re-iterating its status as the most expensive bag in the world. Kylie Jenner, Kris Jenner, Lady Gaga, and Jennifer Lopez are all fans of the classic Birkin bag. Victoria Beckham is said to have a collection of more than 200 Birkins. Although they did not sell exceptionally well in the beginning, Hermes Birkin bags are now at the top of the charts for auction prices, as can be seen from the rest of our list of the most expensive Hermes and Birkin bags ever sold to auction as of 2021.

2. Blood-red Hermes shiny braise Porosus crocodile Birkin bag with palladium

The braise Porosus skin used to make this bag is one of the most desirable materials in the world, which explains its inclusion on our list of the most expensive Birkin bags in 2021, and in our chart of the most expensive bags in the world. The word braise is French for ember, which means hot red glow. This bag is the brightest red bag Hermes has ever produced, and it comes in a 40 cm size which makes it a statement bag for the woman who is not afraid of attention.

Its exotic material, Porosus crocodile skin, is one of the rarest and most expensive material in the world. Its highest selling price at an auction was $298,000 in April 2016.

3. Shiny black Porosus crocodile diamond Birkin bag.

Crocodile Birkin bags are more expensive than ordinary Birkin bags, and their rarity makes them the most coveted and expensive bags in the world. This particular skin from the Porosus crocodile is the most luxurious and exclusive exotic skin from Hermes. The Porosus skin has small, square and symmetrical scales which suit the scale of the Birkin bags very well. This bag has white gold and diamond hardware that alleviates the look of the bag. You may think that a black handbag is a black handbag, and as Hermes handbags are not stamped with any conspicuous logo, the uninitiated may wonder why the high prices. But that is the point. The people who can instantly recognize a genuine Birkin bag, do not need a logo, and often do not need to ask the price! It was auctioned in 2011 for 1,875,000 Hong Kong Dollars, which is equivalent to $235,790.

4. Fuchsia crocodile Birkin bag

This fuchsia crocodile skin Hermes bag is a real head-turner. It is easy to style, especially with monochromatic looks, adding a timeless and elegant pop of color. It also has one of the longest waiting lists at Hermes and is, therefore, one of the most coveted and most expensive Hermes Birkin bags in the world. Its hardware is made using 18K white gold and diamond embellishments.

Hermes bags are not mass-produced, and no two bags are precisely the same. While it is possible to order directly from Hermes, the bag has to be produced specifically for you, and there is a waiting list before you can even begin the process. This is why pre-loved Hermes bags are so popular at auction, and why a second hand bag in good condition can fetch such extravagant prices.

In 2015, a fuchsia crocodile Birkin bag was auctioned for $233,000 in Hong Kong, making it the most expensive bag in the world that year. The bag is said to have been bought by an Asian tycoon’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

5. So Black Birkin bag

This Hermes bag is a masterpiece made from a rare matte black Niloticus croc material. Unlike other Hermes bags, this bag has all black hardware made from black PVD coating. This bag is modest and edgy at the same time. It was created by John Paul Gaultier, the then Hermes creative director before leaving the company to start his own fashion house.

Its color is one of the reasons why this Hermes Birkin bag is so popular, and expensive at the same time. This bag was auctioned in Hong Kong for $210,299 in 2010, three times its average estimate. Another reason for its value is its rarity. Due to a design fault, Hermes discontinued the So Black Birkin bag, making the few bags in existence extremely valuable, hence why this is one of the most expensive Birkin bags in 2021. This bag is modest and edgy at the same time. Fashionistas love the design for its cool urban vibe, and its “little black dress” sexiness.”

6. Shiny bleu marine Porosus crocodile diamond Birkin bag

The blue color of this bag is simply exquisite. The material used to create this bag is also one of the rarest skins in the world. The Porosus crocodile skin is polished using agate for that unique lisse finish on the bag. The bag also has gold hardware engraved with diamonds that adds to the expensive appearance. Its unique color makes this bag one of the most desirable and expensive Hermes bags ever made.

Like all Hermes bags, the bleu marine Porosus crocodile bag is hand-stitched by highly skilled craftsmen at the Hermes workshops in Paris. They cannot be made by machine, as the unique stitch, the saddle stitch cannot be done on a sewing machine. Because the bags are made to be as strong as saddles, the stitching is guaranteed not to fail or unravel

In 2007, a 35 cm shiny bleu marine croc Birkin bag was auctioned for $190,005 – $70,000 US dollars more than the expected price. This bag, just like any Hermes bag, is a good investment because it is timeless and appreciates over time.

7. Shiny Rose Scheherazade Porosus Birkin bag

This bag was sold at a Hong Kong auction in 2014 for $177,375. It is made from the exotic Porosus crocodile skin and has white gold hardware embellished with diamonds. The interior is in the same color as the exterior of the bag, but in the chevre leather, which is a very unique feature in this particular bag, and we absolutely loved adding this item to our list of the most expensive Hermes bags ever sold on auction. This rare gem is an excellent collector’s item because the value of this Birkin bag is expected to increase and appreciate over time. The Hermes pink and red colours tend to be the most popular act auction, and this fresh bright pink adds a pop of delight that is surprisingly timeless.”

8. The ‘Geranium Porosus’ bag

This unique Hermes handbag was made as a one-of-a-kind for a special Hermes exhibition held in London in 2010. Exquisitely made from red and black matte crocodile and Togo leather, the bag’s most arresting feature is its built-in red feet. Quirky, funny and a designer talking point, the red feet were the talk of the show, and have remained a distinctive and recognizable element since.

This Hermes bag went for $125 000 at an exclusive auction in Texas in 2010. It takes the record for the most expensive bag made of leather from Hermes ever sold at auction.

9. Metallic bronze chèvre leather Hermès Birkin bag

This stunning bronze leather handbag sold for more than $117,000 at a 2017 Christie’s handbag and accessories sale in Paris, and is another worthy entry in our chart of the Top 10 most expensive Hermes bags ever sold on auction. This model of Birkin bag was only produced for one year in 2005, which accounts for its rarity value. The bronze fine-grained chèvre leather is set off by exquisite pure gold hardware. The craftsmanship of the Hermes workshops has its roots in the fine craft of saddlery, and this heritage can be clearly seen and appreciated in this beautiful piece.

The inspiration for this bag was the Parisienne designer Leïla Menchari who created stunning window displays in the Hermes flagship store at 24, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris from 1978 until 2013. Menchari loves elaborate shining designs featuring metal, jewels and mother of pearl.

10. The Hermès’ Matte Brighton Blue Porosus Crocodile Birkin Bag with Palladium Hardware

The beautiful lavender-blue of the matte Brighton blue model gives it a young and carefree feel. The palladium hardware matches silver platinum and white gold jewelry. Gold and palladium hardware will never tarnish, and so one way to spot a fake Hermes bag is to check to hardware for any signs of tarnish. Sought after as a summer accessory by women with an eye for classic style, the top price fetched for this Birkin bag was $113,525 in Austin, Texas.

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And the most expensive 10 Hermes bags you can buy right now are…

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Which Rolex holds its value best in 2021?

Ever wondered “Which Rolex appreciates the most?”, “Which rolex to buy for investment in 2021”, or “Do Rolex lose value? “Rolex – “hoROLogical EXcellence”. Never has a brand name denoted such truth. Yet Rolex transcends its position as the superior manufacturer of timepieces and has become the style icon worn by royalty, heads of state, elite sports competitors, and celebrities.

Rolex is simply the world’s most reputable brand. Rolex transcends every other product name, in every industry, sector, and walk of life. And it has been rated so by industry experts for many years, which is why the answer to the often asked question “Does Rolex lose value?” is most often “No”. Of course, when considering which Rolex to buy for investment, you need to be aware that not all Rolexes are created equal.

The Swiss manufacturer of the very finest wristwatches enjoys a peerless position denoting sophistication, prestige, and esteem. However, investing in a Rolex watch can be a shrewd purchase, and you need to really consider what Rolex holds its value the best, and which Rolex appreciates its value the most, if you are to make a return on your investment.

To sum up, although a Rolex watch is a beautiful item to possess, it is as much an investment as it is a timepiece. Whether you opt for a brand new Rolex, or decide to purchase a secondhand option, one of the major advantages of buying the Rolex brand is that it is highly likely to appreciate in value. The challenge for a person seeking the best Rolex investment is to find the model that’s likely to yield the largest return on investment, at the same time as being an attractive and highly functional watch. Our watch experts took a look at some of the general factors to consider when deciding on which Rolex appreciates in value the most as of 2021, as well as selected our top eight picks when it comes to which Rolex to buy for investment in 2021.

What is the impact of Covid-19 on the Rolex investments market, in 2021?

Rewind twelve months, when rumors about a virus in Wuhan were first causing ripples of concern, and economic predictions were being rewritten with startling frequency, and it seems impossible to imagine that a devastating global pandemic would result in an increase in demand for luxury watches like Rolex investments. Yet that is exactly what has happened, and in 2021 the question on everyone’s lips is not whether Rolex is still a good investment, but rather which Rolex to buy for investment.

An article in The Guardian in October 2020 described an 18% increase in 2019 sales for leading luxury watch retailer Watches of Switzerland. Chief executive Brian Duffy explains:

“The money is there,” he explained. “Some people have accumulated money and paid down debt [during the lockdown] and still want to have the pleasure of retail therapy.”

He goes on to describe the enthusiasm for new Rolex creations like the £8,000 Bond-inspired beauty linked to the oft-delayed No Time to Die movie. It seems the cachet and glamour of Rolex investments are undiminished even when its associated marketing boosts are on hold.

This graphic from an article exploring the Morgan Stanley yearly report on the Swiss watch industry shows Rolex retains its place as a brand leader, suggesting both that Rolex watches do hold their value, and appreciate in value over time [Turnover in CHF m. (est.)]

  1. Rolex Turnover 5,200
  2. Omega Turnover  2,355
  3. Cartier Watches Turnover 1,837
  4. Longines Turnover 1,650
  5. Patek Phillipe Turnover 1,450
  6. Audemars Piguet Turnover 1,180
  7. Tissot Turnover 1,020
  8. Richard Mille Turnover 900

Will Rolex hold its value in 2021?

The table above is good news for Rolex investments puropuse, and the only puzzle is the timeworn question as to which Rolex holds its value best in 2021, and which Rolex will continue to appreciate the most. There are several contenders, many that will be familiar to Rolex aficionados, but one Rolex, in particular, stands out. The Submariner frequently pops up as one of the best Rolex to buy. Its role as a cornerstone of the Rolex stable means it enjoys a global reputation as a blue-chip investment, indeed this is one of the best Rolex watches which continue to appreciate in value. So far so good you think – but there’s more. In 2020, Rolex released brand new 41mm versions of the Submariner, and discontinued the 40mm models. As anyone wondering which Rolex watch to buy for investment will know, this is a huge deal. The open market value for the new Submariner is stratospheric, leading to a renewed interest in the discontinued version, and a renewed buoyancy to the prices the resale value of these Rolex watches. This is great news for anyone wondering “do Rolex watches lose value”, and “what Rolex holds its value the best?”; since it shows that a change to an established model can have an impact on existing investments. Whilst the value may take a minor dip, the answer to the question do Rolex watches increase in value is almost always yes – even if it takes a little time.

So, which Rolex appreciates its value the most in 2021?

Many of the Rolex models featured in this blog will hold or increase in value – that’s one of the joys of investing in a time-honored brand like Rolex, with proven investment appeal. If you’re puzzling over which Rolex to buy for investment in 2021, there are a couple of perhaps surprising new considerations. Firstly, it is tempting to steer towards investing in the newest Rolex models. Indications point towards a shift in interest and a re-emergence of potential for older Rolex models, who seem to hold its value best at the time of this writting.

A great example of this is the DateJust, a classic of the Rolex brand – and what many Rolex enthusiasts consider as the symbol of Rolex styling. The DateJust has been continuously available since it’s inception, and so it exists in a number of forms, giving vast potential and appeal for collectors and Rolex investmnents. This availability means lower prices, which heightens appeal in the pre-owned market, and the DateJust is a great entry point for anyone new to collecting or seeking that classic Rolex look.

Another established model that’s experiencing a new lease of life is the Oyster Perpetual, another Rolex watch that tends to appreciate its value time and time again. One of the oldest names in the Rolex catalogue, this beauty is often overlooked when thinking about what Rolex is the best investment, however, changes to the model in 2020 created enough buzz to steal some of the spotlight from the Submariner. New movement, bright dial colours and a new lease of life have combined to make the Oyster Perpetual one of the liveliest names of 2020/21, and one of the best Rolex watches to buy for investment. As ever, this renewed interest is creating a stir around discontinued models too, such as the Oyster Perpetual 39 114300 which is already seeing a strong increase in open market value and a new aspect to the question “how much is my Rolex worth?”

Whether your interest in piqued by the latest designs and technologies, or you are entranced by the magic of the classic Rolex, it seems that the impact of Covid-19 on the luxury watch market has been surprisingly positive, and proves that a well-made, well-respected timepiece is a solid investment in almost any circumstances.


What Rolex is the best investment?

The Rolex back catalogue is full of classic pieces – many of which simply aren’t made anymore. So what Rolex is the best investment? Do Rolex watches lose value? What Rolex holds its value the best in 2021? Why do Rolex watches hold value? And, which Rolex appreciates in value the most?  These are just some of the many questions we receive on Rolex watches; below, we include some of the Rolexes with an ageless value with the hope to answer these questions.

Rolex Milgauss

The Milgauss was developed for doctors, engineers and scientists working in electromagnetic environments. The Milgauss is the only Rolex to feature tinted crystal and its orange lightning bolt second hand is a unique feature. The Milglauss has a Faraday cage of soft iron construction. The Milgauss has evolved only slightly in size and shape since its launch in the mid-1950s and it is still used in scientific research and by healthcare professionals working with X-rays. Definitely one of the Rolexes that both hold their value, and appreciate their value best on a consistent basis.

Rolex sports watches

Professional Rolex sports watches are among the most popular and also most historically important timepieces. Vintage sport Rolex watches have proven to be some of the models that are the best for investment purposes.

Originally built for professional athletes to monitor their performances, sports watches have become a style icon in the modern era. The most popular Rolex sports watches are the Submariner, Daytona, Sea-Dweller, GMT-Master (II), the Yacht-Master and the Sky-dweller, and are some of the best Rolexes to buy in 2021.

The Daytona

To many, the Datejust is the quintessential Rolex piece. First launched in 1945, the Datejust continues to be a mainstay of the Rolex catalog. With its simple dial displaying time and date, circular Oyster case, and robust self-winding movement, the Perpetual Datejust is the luxury watch that can be worn just about all of the time in any environment.

Rolex has a history of sponsoring great sporting events, and their partnership with the famous Daytona Road Beach Course culminated in the release of the Rolex Daytona in 1963. As official timekeepers, the watch was designed to be worn by racing drivers, with features to match.

The Daytona is a strongly build a watch, waterproof, and capable of resisting the g-forces drivers experience when racing at high speed. It’s also capable of measuring speeds of up to 400 kilometers per hour, with three sub-dials within the face for measuring seconds, minutes, and hours. These features command a “Yes” to many of the questions we have started with this article: “Which Rolex appreciates the most?”, “Which Rolex to buy for investment?”, “Do Rolex lose value?”, “What Rolex holds its value the best?”, and probably more.

Since its origins, three distinct generations of the Daytona Rolex have existed. The first came with what’s known as an ‘exotic’ variant dial, while the second series in 1988 included a self-winding movement produced out-of-house. The third and current generation of the Daytona brought that manufacture back in-house, alongside the addition of the popular tachymetric scale and elapsed time displays. While each model is slightly different, overall the Daytona continues to be a distinctive and highly recognizable model across its long lifespan.

Although there are vagaries in the market when it comes to Rolex sales (as there are with any market), usually sports watches tend to do better at auction than Rolex models with a lower technical spec. Obviously the fewer watches of a particular model which were created, the bigger the rarity value and the better that Rolex watches hold and appreciate in value. It is little surprise that a Daytona Rolex, possibly the only one of its kind, sold for CHF 5,937,000 earlier this year. That particular example, called “The Unicorn”, is thought to be the only Rolex Daytona made of white gold, rather than the more common versions made of stainless steel or yellow gold. Other examples of Daytonas that have an impressive Rolex resale value include: “The Golden Pagoda” (resold for CHF 948,500); “The Bumblebee” (resold for CHF 516,500); and “The Oyster Sotto” (resold for CHF 1,662,500). Rarer Rolexes will already have an impressive pedigree that will be shared with potential investors prior to an auction. If you have the necessary capital to purchase a Daytona in the first instance, it is highly likely that you will end up with one of the best Rolex to buy as investment material; we have hopefully made a bit of light into the “Which Rolex to buy for investment” question we have started this article with.

The GMT Master and GMT Master II

Rolex has a history of designing watches to suit the needs of certain types of people – the Submariner for divers, the Daytona for racing drivers, and the Yacht-Master for sailors. The GMT-Master was designed with pilots and navigators in mind, in conjunction with Pan Am Airways.

One of the most famous features of the GMT-Master is its ability to display two alternate time-zones at the same time, allowing for much easier cross-continental travel. The face has also been designed to be as easy to read as possible, when working in dimly lit cockpits and cabins.

Originally launched way back in 1954, the GMT Master was developed in conjunction with Pan American airlines. It was distributed to crew on long-haul flights, enabling them to easily and quickly set their watch to a fresh time zone as they entered one. Early GMT Masters featured red and blue bakelite on the face, earning the watch the appellation “the Pepsi watch”. The GMT Master II was launched in the early 1980s. In contrast to the GMT Master, it had an added mechanical feature that enabled the hour hand to be adjusted to the new time zone without the need for minutes and seconds to be also reset.

While the original version of the GMT Master was available in pure stainless steel and designed as a hard-wearing work watch, Rolex has since vastly expanded their range to include steel, gold and precious stone-studded variations of this classic design. The launch of the 50th-anniversary edition in 2005 brought additional technical alterations to bring this distinctive design to the modern-day – such as the use of ceramic on the bezel – which has now been carried over into other present-day designs as of 2007.

Both the GMT Master and GMT Master II are one of the best Rolex for investment if you wondered “which Rolex to buy for investment”, “which Rolex appreciates the most” or “what Rolex holds its value the best”, not least because they are extremely functional and hardwearing watches, as well as bearing the prestigious Rolex branding. Although it’s possible to pick up a GMT Master for just a few thousand pounds, rarer models can sell for tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds. Models which feature custom engraving or similar individual touches are likely to fetch a higher price, due to their rarity.

The Rolex Sea Dweller (Ref: 16660)

The Rolex Sea Dweller was first introduced in 1967, becoming one of the first watches designed for divers which became available for civilian use. Over the years, a variety of Sea Dweller incarnations were introduced. In each case, the watch benefited from technological improvements or other enhancements making it worthy of being included on our list of Best Rolex to Buy as Investment.

While the Sea Dweller only became part of Rolex’s signature range in 1971, the watch was actually fully developed and ready for release in 1967. This four-year delay was rumored to be down to obtaining the patent for the helium escape valve. Invented by US Navy diver Robert A. Barth, this valve has long been part of the charm and functionality of the Sea Dweller model, which at its launch was awarded to pioneering deep-sea explorers like Robert Palmer Bradley, the pilot of the famous Deepstar 4000.

The Ref: 16660 model was launched in 1978. Capable of continuing to work accurately to a depth of 4000 feet (1220m), this model featured an enhanced helium escape valve and a sapphire crystal. Because fewer of this model were sold than some of the other models, the Rolex resale value of this model is enhanced due to the rarity of this timepiece. Arguably one of the best Rolex to buy for investment, prices for the Sea Dweller have been gradually rising as time has gone on, ensuring that this Rolex both held its value and increased in value too. Today, a Ref: 16660 Sea Dweller is likely to command a price of between six to nine thousand pounds, depending on condition…one of the best watch investments under 10000.

The Rolex Submariner

A popular choice for amateur and recreational divers, the Submariner was initially launched in 1954. A successor to The Oyster – the first Rolex that benefited from a case that was hermetically sealed – the Submariner’s major selling point is its ability to withstand compression and decompression during a dive. Although the earlier versions can’t be used for deeper dives in the same way as the Sea Dweller, by 1957 the Submariner was guaranteed to depths of 200m.

Widely recognized as a staple classic in any collection, the Submariner is part of the wider Oyster Perpetual line, and another Yes answer to questions like “what Rolex to invest in”, “which Rolex model to buy”, “which Rolex should I get”, “what Rolex to buy”, and many more. In the very early days of this particular model, the Submariner didn’t come equipped with the new highly distinctive Mercedes or Cathedral hands for which it is known. Instead, more generic design elements were used, such as pencil hands, and the Submariner name was not featured on the dial. While cosmetic changes have been made over the generations, this watch continues to hold that same pedigree and value to collectors and luxury watch fans alike.

Benefiting from the enviable construction which is one of the hallmarks of a Rolex, the Submariner was popularised as James Bond’s watch of choice, appearing in films which included “Dr No” and “Live and let Die”. Rolex has a strong history with diving and waterproof watches. A specially made Rolex “DeepSea” was attached to the side of the underwater exploration vehicle Trieste during its historical exploration of the Mariana Trench. It kept perfect time on the 11,000 metre dive and the journey back to the surface.

Typical resale prices are anything from £6000 to £10000 +: much more if the watch has rarity value…another candidate for the “best watch investment under 10000” award.

Rolex Day-Date

When it comes to the question, “Which Rolex holds its value best?”, the Day-Date is a firm contender. First appearing in 1956, the major difference between it and other models available at the time was a day display in addition to the date. Like other Rolex models, the Day Date is waterproof and self-winding. As time has gone on, the watch has become available in a selection of different finishes and metals. The most recent version of the Day-Date, the Day-Date 40, was released in 2013. Holding fourteen patents and showcasing arguably the best time-piece technology you will find on the planet, the Day-Date 40 certainly isn’t cheap. That said, although the initial outlay is high, this will almost certainly hold and appreciate noticeably in value as time goes by.

Often referred to as the ‘President Watch’, the Day-Date isn’t a Rolex for the wallflower. Created from precious materials such as gold, rose gold and platinum, it’s well-known as a symbol of power in society, politics, economics, and more. The Day-Dates of the 70s and 80s are particularly sought-after, thanks to the unique and highly collectible Stella dial available in a range of distinctive enamel shades – orange, turquoise, pink and yellow to name but a few. With many models also including those distinctive diamond index markets, the Day-Date is the epitome of luxury in timepiece form.

The Yacht-Master

The Yacht-Master Rolex is primarily, as the name suggests, intended for use by mariners. Benefiting from having the only chronograph which operates with a mechanical memory, the Yacht-Master incorporates some of Rolex’s finest technology. Waterproof and extremely robust, the Yacht-Master was specifically designed for use during regattas and other sailing competitions. Originally launched in 1992, the aim of the watch is to provide an exceptional tool for sailors. Both the Yacht-Master II and the Yacht-Master 40 are likely to appreciate as time goes on. The current price for a Yacht-Master II is anywhere between £10,000 and £25,000, depending on the metals used in it.

At the time of launch, the Yacht-Master was rumoured to be the next evolution of the incredibly popular Submariner model. But whether these rumours weren’t strictly true, or the watch was just too different, is a secret lost to time. The modern Yacht-Master has a highly distinctive appearance and continues to be a distinctive model in the range thanks to the flexibility of its design. As the only current Oyster Professional model to be available in three different sizes, a tailored experience is clearly a major focus with this elegant and luxurious timepiece, making it one of the best Rolexes to buy for investment in 2021.

The Yacht-Master is a consistent favourite among Rolex lovers because of its striking design, its reliability, and its usability. The face has been designed to be easily read, even in strong storms and adverse weather conditions, making it an excellent choice for an “everyday Rolex”.

The Air King

As the name suggests, the Air King was developed along with the GMT Master as a watch for flyers. First released in 1945, it was widely used by air force pilots and other aviators. It is the last of the “Air” series to remain in production. Other “Air” models included the “Air Tiger” and the “Air Giant”. Available in a range of different metals and designs, price is largely dictated by how rare the watch might be and the type of materials used to make it.

The characteristic shape and style of the Air-King are what sets it apart from other Rolexes. While still maintaining those classic 1950s-style sensibilities, the Air-King’s middle case is created from corrosion-resistant and solid Oystersteel. This, combined with a hermetically screwed-down case, plus waterproofing features, makes the Air-King just as practical as it is distinctive, while this model has experienced internal updates and changes.

The rarest Air King watch is the highly prized “double red dial” version. Prices vary enormously, but commonly found Air Kings are like to fetch somewhere around £5000 to £10000, which include this Rolex model on our list of “best watch investment under 10000”.

Rolex Explorer

It is hard to decide which Rolex is the best investment, but the Rolex Explorer is clearly a contender. Designed as a watch for explorers, adventurers and those working in tough environments, the Explorer and Exlorer II are rugged watches that are built to last! Features include luminous hands and numbers, allowing night viewing, as well as a stunning construction from Rolex’s 904L steel – a steel specifically designed and manufactured for Rolex watches.

First launched in 1953, during the height of explorations and mountaineering, the Explorer is an adventurer’s watch with a difference. Designed to be instantly legible even in pitch black environments, the Explorer, and its sibling the Explorer II, have become fast favorites thanks to their hardiness and famous following – both on and off-screen. Don Draper from Mad Men often sported the Explorer II, while James Bond was described as wearing an ‘Oyster Perpetual’ in the novels that were very close in description to the popular Explorer timepiece.

With prices for a used model starting at around £3000, this is one of Rolex’s more modest watches, but one which also has a good chance of appreciating value over time. A good answer to many of the questions we often hear online, like “which Rolex is the best investment”, “what Rolex to invest in”, “which Rolex model to buy”, “which Rolex should I get” or “what is best watch investment under 10000?”.

If you are considering which Rolex to buy for investment, it’s important to do research on the various options within each model, in order to be clear what the guide price is and what the potential is for appreciation. Clearly, past performance can’t be an indicator of future price, but it may be helpful to find out how the watch has performed at previous auctions before deciding whether to purchase it for yourself.

Although Rolex watches can make excellent investments, this is by no means always the case. Remember to check the condition of the watch, its rarity and its authenticity before paying up for it. Fake Rolexes are common, so make sure you have some assurance of the watch’s authenticity before parting with your hard-earned cash to buy it. It’s also important to buy a watch that you like, even if it’s not the most expensive. That way, you will be happy to hang on to it and cherish it until such time as the market is appropriate for sale. If you want the combination of a top-quality timepiece that is also likely to make you a return on your investment over time, a Rolex could be the perfect solution either for buying or as invesment.

Why do rolex watches hold value?


For anyone considering which Rolex to buy for investment, the fundamental questions are – do Rolex watches appreciate in value, does Rolex lose value, will Rolex prices fall, will Rolex prices go down or will Rolex prices go up? And when will Rolex watches go down, and by how much?

The answer to the question “do Rolex watches increase in value?” is an unequivocal “yes”. Rolex watches tend to hold their value very well and since the 1950s, the price of a Rolex watch has consistently appreciated in real terms.

Indeed, Rolex watches have never been in such demand. The renewed interest in the luxury timepiece market – and potential for investment – continues to drive up Rolex prices and resale values.

Recognizing the ever-increasing demand for its timepieces, Rolex has increased sale prices considerably in recent years. The five percent Rolex price increase in 2018 was followed by a seven percent rise in 2019.

An increase in retail prices certainly won’t harm the value of the Rolex you’re wearing right now or the one you may be considering investing in. Buying a Rolex has long proven to be a smart investment with prices steadily rising for sought-after models and in many cases really quite sharply.

Will Rolex prices go down, when, why, and by how much?

The saying “what goes up must come down” applies to most things in life. But rarely to Rolex.

A Rolex watch holds its value over time more consistently than other brands. Rolex is the ultimate in exclusivity. Rolex is a prohibitively expensive investment for many which only serves to enhance the desirability and value of the brand.

To maximize your Rolex investment, it is essential to protect your watch from unnecessary wear and tear and from damage. And some Rolex watches stand a greater chance of increasing in value than others.

Protect your investment – maintain a flawless Rolex

When buying a Rolex for investment, it is essential that the piece is kept in excellent condition.

Rolex watches are made of premium hard-wearing materials. The materials that make a Rolex, like Oystersteel, 18 ct gold, crystal, and platinum 950 are designed to last.

But the condition of a pre-owned watch is a key factor in which Rolex to buy for investment, and ultimately which Rolex appreciates the most its value. An unused watch will likely sell for more than a used watch.

Visible wear and tear will take some value off the piece though sometimes a little aging can only add to its appeal, especially if there is a story behind it.

The battle scars of the timepiece worn by a military commander long ago, the wartime pilot, or the 1950s racing driver tell the tale of how Rolex has been at the forefront of human endeavor since the watchmaker was first established in the Edwardian era.

A Rolex with a little wear has patina, character, and demonstrates that the watch was used just as it was intended. A few minor scratches on a pre-owned Rolex hint at a story that only the watch can tell, and often explain why Rolex watches are worth the price.

The glass on a luxury watch is the area most likely to become damaged. Can Rolex glass scratch? Well, yes, of course, it can. Rolex faces are protected by sapphire crystal glass which is extremely hard-wearing but can shatter under extreme stress. Expert restorers can erase minor scratches or replace the glass. Of course, Rolex watches are built for performance as well as manufactured for style and they most often outlast the arm on which they have been worn.

Rolex gold, platinum, precious stones, and 904L stainless steel do not scratch with day-to-day use. All Rolex wristwatches, with the exception of the Cellini line, are water-resistant to at least 100 meters or 300 feet.

The ceramic bezels used in Rolex lines are impervious to scratches and do not fade in sunlight. Rolex bracelets are designed to keep the watch securely on your wrist and handle the purpose for which they were made.

And of course, Rolex watches are designed to be worn and to be enjoyed. Nothing says prestige like a Rolex watch adorning one’s wrist.

When and how often to service Rolex watches

Servicing is the best way to maintain the appearance and functionality of a Rolex watch, and a great way to both hold and appreciate its value over time. Rolex recommends that watches be serviced at least every 10 years. But the frequency should be increased depending on the model, its age, and its real-life usage.

Most Rolex models – especially modern-day models – can be restored back to factory finish by an authorized, trained, and experienced Rolex watchmaker.

During a routine Rolex service, parts including the bezel, crystal, crown, crown tube, and case back are removed, examined, cleaned, and repaired as necessary. Any deep dings or scratches on the watch will most likely be left, but true craftsmen will remove the daily wear surface scratches during regularly scheduled services.

Some Rolex wearers want to keep their scratches of course in order to recount their tales to future generations, but also this often helps to hold and even appreciate the value of their Rolex, as explained in a previous section of this article. Rolex and any approved watchmaker will honor a no-polishing / no-finish restoration at the owner’s request.

There are a number of different variables which can help to determine which watch is going to offer the highest Rolex resale value, which Rolex holds its value best, and what Rolex model goes up in value. Generally, exclusivity is critical to value: the fewer of a particular model that is produced, the greater the price of the Rolex will appreciate in value. A Rolex which has been custom-built for a celebrity, for example, will have a significantly enhanced resale value compared with one that’s part of a larger batch. Usually, the closer to a release date a Rolex has been made, the more in-demand it is likely to be. Condition, age, and technical specification also play a role in Rolexes holding their value, as well as the initial price paid. Fortunately, almost any Rolex can appreciate in value given time. Usually, the best Rolex to buy as an investment is one that has a range of innovative and exclusive features that was created as a unique watch, or as part of a small number of similar watches and which is in as near perfect condition as possible.

Are Rolex watches a good investment?

It is important to do your research before considering which Rolex to buy for investment. Like any investment, there may be a risk. Markets move. But less so for Rolex than almost any other brand on the planet – particularly in the world of horology.

An expert jeweler or luxury timepiece specialist is the best place to view, learn about, and buy Rolex watches.

Rolex watches are investments. The value of many Rolex watches has significantly increased over time. Buying the right Rolex watch can prove to be a wise investment – you will wear, enjoy, and ultimately sell it for more than it was bought for.

One simply can’t deny – or indeed put a price on – the absolute sense of confidence, reliability, and dignity that the brand name Rolex communicates. For that reason alone, this most prestigious of timepiece brands will endure for centuries to come.

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classic car

Top 7 Most Expensive Classic Cars In the World as of 2021

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

Curious about what is the most expensive car in the world, and who owns it? The phrase “oldie but goodie” applies more to some things than others. Things like fine wines and classic cars truly get more valuable with age. Collectors all over the world clamber for rare opportunities to purchase the best classic cars, mainly due to rarity and provenance. These are the factors that drive the prices higher, and here are the top 7 most expensive classic cars in the world of all time.

#7. The 1937 Alfa Romeo 8C 2900

This car sold for $4.07 million in Christie’s after being impeccably restored in 1992. It was a triumph from its inception in 1935, with a 2.9 liter 8 cylinder engine that came about through a collaboration between Vittorio Jano and the famous Enzo Ferrari. It finished third in the 1938 Pontedecimo-Giovi climb with Piero Dusio at the wheel, before going on to win the Stelvio. Its history is rich, and its price tag is incredible, making it one of the most expensive cars in the world of vintage cars.

#6 1964 Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe

This gem was bought in 2001 for $4.4 million. It’s a car that took some time to show its brilliance, after being built in 1963 on a modified Cobra Roadster with a Ford V8 289 ci engine. Its history includes racing at Daytona and winning at Sebring to topple the dominant Ferrari 250 and help American Racing win 1965’s brand title. There have been a number of famous owners of this classic, including Phil Spector, and it has also been through numerous ownership disputes over the years. A worthy entry on our list of the most expensive cars in the world ever sold on auction.

#5. 1932 Alfa Romeo Tipo B

This car was recently sold for a remarkable $5.6 million, making it yet another of the most expensive cars in the world of classic cars, as of 2021. It was built on the principle of high torque with low revs, and was crafted specifically for the Grand Prix in 1932. It was the only car on the tour with just a single seat and was propelled by a 2.6 liter 8 cylinder motor. This car won 5 of the races on that year’s tour, and the team went on to be taken over by Ferrari.

#4. 1962 Ferrari 330 TRI/LM

This was the last, and most powerful, of the Testarrosas that dominated racing in the 1950s with their front-engine works of art. The car won Le Mans in 1962 and was damaged during a race. This was when Hisashi Okada acquired it and lovingly restored it to drive around New York for the best part of a decade. After a complete restoration, the car came to the surface again in 2002 in a luxurious French collection. Shortly after, it was auctioned and sold for an incredible $6.5 million, hence another great answer to the question “What’s the most expensive car in the world, and who owns it?”.

#3. 1931 Type 41 Bugatti Royale

This luxury car weighs in at an amazing 3.5 tone. It is almost 14-feet long and was always intended for use by the super-rich. Bugatti didn’t have power and speed in mind – instead, the focus was on using the finest materials like rare leathers, woods and precious metals. The result was a stunning end product and, of course, an extremely prohibitive price. Only 6 models were ever built, and in 1931 its price was up to 100x that of common vehicles – an enormous $42,000. When this model was auctioned at Christie’s in London, back in 1981, it fetched $8.7 million, and established this car as one of the most expensive cars in the world ever sold on auction.

#2. 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO

This car oozes that sensual appeal that is so often attributed to the finest and most expensive cars in the world. It has an elegant shape and superb performance, offering the ideal combination of driving pleasure and aesthetic appeal. It won a number of races for Ferrari, and its 300HP engine needs continuous refurbishing (reliability was never its intention). It is one of the rarest Ferrari models ever produced, and one sold in 1990 for a mouthwatering $16.6 million.

#1. 1954 Mercedes W 196

This is the car that dominated racing championships through 1954 and 1955. It first appeared in public at the 1954 Reims Grand Prix. Its stand-out feature was a groundbreaking valve system that didn’t require springs. The car was driven by Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss before arriving in a museum in the 1980s. In 1990, in order to raise funds to renovate, the museum sold the car to a French industrialist. From there, it sold to a German businessman for less than $10 million, and its value now stands at an astronomical $24 million, an estimation that establishes it firmly on the top position of our  “What is the most expensive car in the world list” for classic cars.

As you can see, it is a combination of amazing aesthetics and, more importantly, history, that makes classic cars exciting enough to sell for enormous fees. Whether it comes down to the achievements of a particular model, the innovation in the technology, or a high-profile chain of ownership, a car’s price can go through the roof when the right conditions are met. The cars in this list are all legendary models in the world of classic car collecting. Even if such exciting cars are a little out of your price range, a keen eye will help you spot some exciting pieces for your own collection.

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