Pawning my Bernard Buffet Art & Paintings

If you were not sure whether to “pawn my Bernard Buffet art or painting in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles”… Evocative, striking and inherently elegant, Bernard Buffet’s work made strides left, right and centre during the Expressionist movement in 1940s France. If you are the fortunate owner of one of his 8,000 paintings, then we can help you release the contained capital with our loans on Bernard Buffet Art & Paintings.

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Bernard Buffet’s remarkable influence on not only the Expressionist school but on the art world in general cannot be overstated. Stark and figurative, Buffet’s paintings sought to install more representational art into a school of artistic thought, which was enamored with the abstract trends of the time. As part of an anti-abstraction group of young artists, Bernard Buffet worked against the norm of the time to produce a sublime selection of portraits, landscapes and still-life pieces.