Sell or Pawn Your Patek Philippe Watch

If you have been considering a loan on Patek Philippe in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area watches then you’re in luck, as we are the most awarded Beverly Hills pawnshop. Patek Philippe are amongst some of the finest watch manufacturers around. The company stretches back all the way into the mid 19th century and is renowned for having spent years building high-quality, luxurious watches. As such, if you are ever looking for some short-term cash, then you can pawn or sell your Patek Philippe watches within the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area with pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive- we always seek to offer the fairest pawn price possible.

Why pawn or sell your Patek Philippe with us?

Unlike other pawnbrokers around, we are unique in our approach and are a highly trusted firm for a number of reasons. Such as:

– We are aware of all recent auctions and sales of fine watches, to make sure we are up to date in our valuation strategy.
– We have a team of friendly and welcoming staff who are willing and ready to answer any questions you may have.
– With more than 25 years as a pawnbroker, we are well versed in lending against Patek Philippe watches.
– We have a large client base who trust us with their pawnbroking needs. In fact, that is what has allowed us to remain active for so long in such a competitive market.