Sell or Pawn Your Estate Jewelry

If you have been considering to “pawn or sell my estate jewelry in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area”, at Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive, we are proud to offer auction based, premier loans on estate jewelry to our exclusive clientele. Specialising in providing instant loans against luxury jewelry, we are committed to delivering excellent customer experience, one characterized by the receipt of immediate funds and a simple and straightforward process.

Something that we are always willing to buy, sell and lend against is estate jewellery: jewellery or timepieces that are inherited through the estate of a deceased individual. Often carrying great sentimental value, many find themselves unwilling to part with such items, yet in need of the funds they could provide. In such instances, we offer an ideal solution by either buying or providing loans against estate jewelry and diamonds.

Employing a carefully selected team who are well versed in the value of jewellery, both contemporary and vintage, we know just how to fairly cost such goods, to make sure that any offers of selling or pawning against estate jewelry you receive from us are entirely fair.

If you’re looking to sell or borrow against estate jewellery in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area, then we would urge you to approach us. Understanding the high value that is often attached to such items, we are open to allowing individuals such as yourself to take out one of our loans against them, and have the on-site experts necessary to calculate a realistic sum that both parties will be pleased with.