Sell or Pawn Your Diamond Studs & Earrings

Diamond earrings come in all types of mounts and a host of diamond colours, cuts and sizes. Round, oval, rectangular and even triangular shapes are popular. Now, hold your diamond earrings or studs in your hand and take a closer look. How bright is the sparkle? Do you see a perfectly clear stone or are their little chips, irregular facets or flaws? Is it as clear as glass, or does it shimmer with another tint or colour? Is the style modern or antique? The truth is, it’s not always easy for a client to determine the exact clarity or authenticity of their diamonds. That is where our jewelry pawnbrokers step in.

We can give you answers to all of these types of questions about your diamonds, their history and their value when we meet you and arrange to sell or pawn your diamond  studs & earrings. We give loans on diamond studs or earrings too in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area.