Pawn or Sell Your Harry Winston Watches

Harry Winston has become a name synonymous with quality, style, and innovation. After revolutionizing how diamonds and gems were used with metal, Harry Winston continued to bring innovation to the watch and jewelry industry. Although he sadly passed away in 1978, Harry Winston’s legacy is continued as a quality watch manufacturer. If you own such a luxury watch and wish to pawn it, you may be wondering “How can I sell or pawn my Harry Winston watch in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles?”. Loans on Harry Winston watch pieces are available in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area but before we explore the process of pawning a watch, let’s look at the Harry Winston brand in more detail.

The ‘King of Diamonds’

After founding his company in 1932, Harry Winston soon earned the nickname the ‘King of Diamonds’ due to his progressive techniques and scrupulous high standards for watch and jewelry design. His innovative decision to design metal around gemstones, rather than cutting gemstones to fit metal, revolutionized the watch and jewelry industry and is still used to create Harry Winston watches today.