Loans on Jaguar Cars

The question, ‘can I pawn my Jaguar car?’ is often on people’s minds when considering to pawn their car. And the answer is almost always yes. Jaguar Cars is one of the UK’s most prestigious car manufacturers, with many iconic models in its portfolio and a storied history going back to 1936. They are even proud owners of a royal charter, and have, in more recent years, supplied the official prime ministerial car: a custom built, armoured version of the Jaguar XJ. Loans on Jaguar cars are a very real possibility and can be particularly fruitful when your vehicle is valued correctly.

Pawn my Jaguar Car

Impressive, and valuable, Jaguars from their past range include the exemplary XJ6, the E-Type (called the ‘most beautiful car ever made’ by none other than Enzo Ferrari) and the XKSS, of which only 25 were ever made; and then only 16 survived a fire at a Jaguar plant in 1953. They do occasionally pop up at auction however, and a fully restored XKSS had a guide price of £12.8 million when it went under the hammer in 2017.