Sell or Pawn Your Old Cut Diamonds

Do you own a beautiful antique engagement or wedding ring with a single old cut diamond or a cluster of diamonds? Customers like you often tell us that they want to “sell or pawn my old cut diamonds.” Or, perhaps you are an individual or dealer looking for loans on old cut diamonds? These types of diamonds may be less accurately faceted and proportioned than modern stones and differ wildly in cut and clarity, but they come with a stylish sense of history and belonging, which makes them especially valuable.

Loans on old cut diamonds

Older cuts of diamonds are currently in high demand, and this is a good time to release their capital. Because antique diamonds can vary so much in size, clarity and cut, it is especially important you choose an expert pawnbroking service to pawn or sell your old cut diamonds. You really do need to tap into the experience of a professional team who know what they are looking at and will offer the fairest high value for your luxury jewels. Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive only ever offer honest loans on old cut diamonds at our Beverly Hills shop, based on their current sale value. You will find our discreet service surprisingly quick and easy, with knowledgeable assessors able to release a fair loan without delay.

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