5 Types of Jewelry Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive Will Loan on Right Now in 2021 !

When you need to get money fast, one of the ideas that is likely to cross your mind is to sell your precious jewelry. Of course, this means parting with prized items that may have as much sentimental value as monetary value. Fortunately, there is another way your jewelry could help you get money fast. If you have the right type of jewelry, you could use it as collateral to take out an asset loan from Pawnbrokers at Rodeo Drive, the ultimate pawnbroking service in Beverly Hills. If you need cash, check out this list of 5 types of fine jewelry that are sure to secure you a loan to solve your problems.

Pawn your engagement & wedding rings

Do you have any valuable engagement or wedding rings? These are truly special pieces that typically hold a particularly high dollar value – in Geneva in 2015, a diamond ring sold for an incredible $28.5 million at auction! But far greater than this is their sentimental value. Parting with these items at times when you need cash can be an incredibly difficult thing to do, but fortunately, you don’t have to actually pawn your engagement & wedding rings. Many people choose to borrow against these valued pieces as a great way to secure your much-needed capital.

With items of such importance, you need to be assured that we make every effort to keep them safe and secure whilst we hold them. At Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive, we use a highly secure storage facility when our clients take loans against engagement & wedding rings. You can rest assured your precious possessions are kept safe while you are making your loan repayments. Whether you are paying off debt, investing in a house or car or making a business move, taking out a loan against your engagement or wedding ring is a popular option. And at Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive we work with expert jewelry valuers to ensure you get the best possible loan.

Pawn your vintage jewelry

Antique and vintage jewelry can be a complicated asset due to the fact that opinion can vary on its value as an antique piece. If you decide to pawn your vintage jewelry, you run the risk of getting an inaccurate valuation, and you also give up an asset that might continue to appreciate in value over time. A far better option is to take out loans against vintage jewelry if you are in need of capital. As long as you keep up with your repayments, you will get your antique back, ready to keep in the family or make money for you further down the line.

We work with professional, experienced valuers to ensure your vintage jewelry and diamonds is always valued accurately. We are customer service driven, striving to offer the best payout on your valuables in every transaction. Vintage jewelry is typically understood to be something that is more than 30 years old, and if it is over 100 years old then it becomes antique. The La Peregrina pearl, once owned by King Philip II of Spain, sold for $37,000 in 1969, but then sold for $11.8 million in 2011. Age and history are what make vintage jewelry so precious, and their value can increase dramatically. At Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive, we are happy to accept fine vintage jewelry for asset loans.

Pawn my diamond necklaces

A popular option to secure a substantial payout is to take out loans against diamond necklaces. In our two decades of experience as a leading pawnbroker in Beverly Hills, we have helped countless clients secure instant access to capital for a huge range of purposes with loans against diamond necklaces. Again, it is a preferable option to pawning your diamond necklaces, as you can have your item returned once the loan period expires.

We have our own resident diamond brokers and gemological specialist advisers to evaluate fine diamond necklaces. Our appraisals are conducted with objectivity and accuracy to ensure your loan is in line with the current market sale value. Diamonds are consistently the most valuable type of stone on the market – in May 2016, a ring adorned with the Oppenheimer Blue diamond sold for $57.7 million in Geneva. While your diamonds may not reach such Earth-shattering prices, you should be able to achieve a good value to borrow against, helping you with whatever your monetary need may be.

Pawn your estate jewelry

The term ‘estate jewelry’ refers to any item of jewelry that is inherited through the estate of a deceased individual. Even if you have only owned the piece for a short time, it is an estate piece if you inherited it from someone else. However, the term is usually only used for jewelry that was made within the last 30 years or so, as anything older than that could be moving into vintage territory. In any case, if you want to use it to raise some capital you have the choice to pawn your estate jewelry or take out a loan against it.

At Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive we specialise in providing instant loans against estate jewelry at the high end of the market. We understand the sentimental value that can come with estate jewelry, as it has such strong connections with deceased loved ones. If you wish to borrow against estate jewelry, we urge you to approach us as we will handle the transaction with the appropriate care and compassion. We consistently grant loans against estate jewelry and handle your prized possessions with the greatest of care and security.

Pawn my other fine jewelry

If you don’t have any of the specific pieces listed here, we offer you the opportunity to release capital by taking out loans against other fine jewelry. We are professional, high-end pawnbrokers with 25 years of experience working with fine jewelry of all types, and we will go all out to offer you the best value for your pieces. We accept things like Cartier watches and necklaces, art nouveau pieces by Rene Lalique and gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emeralds and tanzanite.

Our resident specialists in jewelry, diamonds and gemology provide expert assessment and evaluation, so whether you want to take out a loan or pawn your fine jewelry you are certain to get the right price. We value every client that comes through our door, and guarantee to offer the same high quality of service and care with every transaction. Whatever your reasons for coming to us, and whatever assets you choose to bring to the table, you are in good hands with Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive.

Fine jewelry is a precious thing to possess. Its beauty, and the value it carries, give it a unique significance that can make it symbolic of the most important things in our lives; our loved ones. The capital you can generate from fine jewelry can be really helpful when you need money, but no-one wants to part with their most treasured items. An asset loan is the perfect solution to release capital without sacrificing your jewelry, and at Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills we specialise in this type of loan. Get in touch today for more information on getting a loan against your fine jewelry.

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