Article about top 7 most expensive hermes bags sold on auction

Top 7 Most Expensive Hermes bags ever sold at auction as of 2020

Auctions are a collector’s paradise. They attract buyers and bidders from all walks of life who make purchases and bids in person, online and over the phone. The price of items sold at auction is generally higher than usual because the price is determined by the buyers themselves and the rarity of the item. Buyers can find rare luxury items such as jewelry, art, clothes, and even handbags at auctions. Below are the seven most expensive Hermes bags sold at auction.

1. Himalaya Niloticus crocodile diamond Birkin Bag 30 cm

This bag is made from the Niloticus crocodile’s hide, and its color is inspired by the Himalayan mountains. Dying crocodile hide is no easy task, but the skilled artisans at Hermes do an incredible job. The bag has a gorgeous gradient of pearl white and smoky grey and the hardware is made of 18k white gold and 240 diamonds.

This bag is extremely rare because only a few pieces were produced. It is the most expensive Hermes bag ever sold at auction, selling for $380,000.

2. Blood-red Hermes shiny braise Porosus crocodile Birkin bag with palladium

The braise Porosus skin used to make this bag is one of the most desirable materials in the world. The word braise is French for ember, which means hot red glow. This bag is the brightest red bag Hermes has ever produced, and it comes in a 40 cm size which makes it a statement bag for the woman who is not afraid of attention.

Its exotic material, Porosus crocodile skin, is one of the rarest and most expensive material in the world. Its highest selling price at an auction was $298,000 in April 2016.

3. Shiny black Porosus crocodile diamond Birkin bag.

Crocodile Birkin bags are more expensive than ordinary Birkin bags, and their rarity makes them the most coveted bags in the world. This particular skin from the Porosus crocodile is the most luxurious and exclusive exotic skin from Hermes. This bag has white gold and diamond hardware that alleviates the look of the bag. It was auctioned in 2011 for 1,875,000 Hong Kong Dollars, which is equivalent to $235,790.

4. Fuchsia crocodile Birkin bag

This fuchsia crocodile skin Hermes bag is a real head-turner. It is easy to style, especially with monochromatic looks, adding a timeless and elegant pop of color. It also has one of the longest waiting lists at Hermes and is therefore coveted by many. Its hardware is made using 18K white gold and diamond embellishments.

In 2015, a fuchsia crocodile Birkin bag was auctioned for $233,000 in Hong Kong, making it the most expensive bag that year. The bag is said to have been bought by an Asian tycoon’s wife, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.

5. So Black Birkin bag

This Hermes bag is a masterpiece made from a rare matte black Niloticus croc material. Unlike other Hermes bags, this bag has all black hardware made from black PVD coating. This bag is modest and edgy at the same time. It was created by John Paul Gaultier, the then Hermes creative director before leaving the company to start his own fashion house.

Its color is one of the reasons why the bag is so popular. This bag was auctioned in Hong Kong for $210,299 in 2010, three times its average estimate. Hermes discontinued the So Black Birkin bag, making the few bags in existence extremely valuable.

6. Shiny bleu marine Porosus crocodile diamond Birkin bag

The blue color of this bag is simply exquisite. The material used to create this bag is also one of the rarest skins in the world. The Porosus crocodile skin is polished using agate for that unique lisse finish on the bag. The bag also has gold hardware engraved with diamonds that adds to the expensive appearance. Its unique color makes this bag one of the most desirable Hermes bags ever made.

In 2007, a 35 cm shiny bleu marine croc Birkin bag was auctioned for $190,005 – $70,000 US dollars more than the expected price. This bag, just like any Hermes bag, is a good investment because it is timeless and appreciates over time.

7. Shiny Rose Scheherazade Porosus Birkin bag

This bag was sold at a Hong Kong auction in 2014 for $177,375. It is made from the exotic Porosus crocodile skin and has white gold hardware embellished with diamonds. The interior is in the same color as the exterior of the bag, but in the chevre leather, which is a very unique feature in this particular bag. This rare gem is an excellent collector’s item because its value is expected to increase in a few years.

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