Your Pawn Shop in Beverly Hills

Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive   is a pawn shop in Beverly Hills that has over 25 years experience on jewelry loans, loans on fine watches, art loans and loans on cars. You can also sell your assets for immediate cash. We are a respected pawn brokers internationally, offering a discreet professional pawnbroking service including complimentary appraisals with instant funding. We pride ourselves on offering a wealth of information and delivering an excellent, high-quality service. Please contact our pawn shop in Beverly Hills.

Fine Watches

The experienced fine watch and timepiece appraisal team at Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive call on many years of experience in the fine watch industry to enable you to release capital by providing loans against modern, vintage and antique watches and timepieces

Jewelry, Diamonds and Precious Stones

Get a loan on your fine jewelry, diamond and precious stone collection. We also offer the opportunity for you to sell your jewelry to us. You can achieve the highest capital on your asset with instant funding.

Fine Art

We have years of experience, and work with the best specialists, to assist the client to release capital via loans against fine art. Loan against fine art, whether single works or collections of fine art. We also give you the opportunity to sell your fine art.

Luxury cars

Using the expertise of its dedicated automotive department we can help you secure a loan against luxury cars or a loan against classic cars, enabling you to release capital and gain instant access.

Fine Wines

At our pawn shop in Beverly Hills, we can help you unlock the value of your fine wine by offering you the chance to get loans against your fine wines collection. Whether you have a single bottle or a collection, we can help.

Antiques & Collectibles

Release the value of your antiques and collectibles with our loans against antiques & collectibles. Our highly experienced experts will help you secure loans against antiques by appraising your collection before providing you with the finance you need.


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