Pawn Shop in Beverly Hills & Los Angeles area

Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive   is a pawn shop in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area that has over 25 years of experience on jewelry loans, loans on fine watches, art loans, and loans on cars. You can also sell your assets for immediate cash. We are respected pawnbrokers in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area, offering a discreet professional pawnbroking service including complimentary appraisals with instant funding. We pride ourselves on offering a wealth of information and delivering an excellent, high-quality service. Please contact our pawn shop in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area.

Fine Watches

The experienced fine watch and timepiece appraisal team at our luxury pawn shop in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area calls on many years of experience in the fine watch industry to enable you to release capital by providing loans against modern, vintage and antique watches and timepieces

Jewelry, Diamonds and Precious Stones

Get a loan on your fine jewelry, diamond and precious stone collection. If looking for a Pawn shop near me, we also offer the opportunity for you to sell your jewelry to us. You can achieve the highest capital on your asset with instant funding.

Fine Art

We have years of experience, and work with the best specialists, to assist the client to release capital via loans against fine art. Loan against fine art, whether single works or collections of fine art. If in need for a nearby pawn shop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, we also give you the opportunity to sell your fine art.

Luxury cars

Using the expertise of its dedicated automotive department we can help you secure a loan against luxury cars or a loan against classic cars, enabling you to release capital and gain instant access.

Fine Wines

At our pawn shop in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area, we can help you unlock the value of your fine wine by offering you the chance to get loans against your fine wines collection. Whether you have a single bottle or a collection, we can help.

Antiques & Collectibles

Release the value of your antiques and collectibles with our loans against antiques & collectibles. Our highly experienced pawnbrokers in Los Angeles & Beverly Hills area will help you secure loans against antiques by appraising your collection before providing you with the finance you need.

Talk to an expert

We offer competitive rates at 2.99% monthly (representative APR 35.88%). A representative example is a repayment of $287 for a $2400 4 month loan (APR of 35.88%), all fees included, thus a total repayment of $2687. Our Los Angeles & Beverly Hills pawn shop offers loan terms of more than 60 days, maximum four months. No hidden fees and no early release fees. Contact our team just for expert advice on your next step. Please call 310-430-0888 or email us at [email protected] – We would love to be of service.


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Frequently asked questions

If you are looking to unlock cash from your valuable possessions, one of your first questions might just be "What is the meaning of pawn shop?" Well, a pawn shop (or pawnbroker) is a business that loans money to individuals who bring in valuable objects, which they leave with the pawnbroker as collateral. Some pawn shops in Los Angels and Beverly Hills, like Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, even purchase certain types of assets. A pawnbroking service typically deals with items like gold, jewelry, watches, art and fine wine.

The assets you loan against are the collateral for the pawn shop meaning you will be able to retrieve them once you have paid back the loan plus interest. In a pawn shop definition, interest is essentially a fee for getting access to someone else's money over a pre-set time period. If you fail to repay the loan and interest within the agreed time limit, the pawnbrokers in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles will be able to sell the asset to another customer in order to regain the money they loaned.

In this pawn shop definition, you can be pretty certain that a reputable broker will only accept items if you have valid identification. This is to stop unlawful practices or stolen assets from being loaned against. If you are looking for a pawn shop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive (PRD) is the go-to high-end option. In addition to loaning against a range of fine assets, we also purchase fine watches, jewelry and wine, as well as diamonds. We are the Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawnbrokers that always offer the fair, auction based value for your assets.

The classic pawn shop is one of the world's oldest ways of lending money, and the digital age has brought the pawn shop online. This is a quicker and easier way to borrow against your valuable items, but you must understand that the pawnbroker service is not entirely online. Instead, you can submit photographs of the item you wish to pawn and get an estimate of the value of a loan. But you will still need to bring the asset in to get a formal valuation in order to confirm the loan amount.

The benefits of an online pawn shop include convenience and speed. You may be able to get your loan quicker, and in many cases, you'll get lower interest rates. Many online pawnbrokers choose not to impose a penalty for repaying your loan early and retrieving your item before the date you initially agreed.

Whether you choose to use a pawnbrokers online or head straight into the shop, it's a great way to unlock the value of your item without actually selling it. Release the current value of your fine asset, and get it back so that you can do the same in the future.

The typical process in the modern world depends on the pawn shop rules. However, the basic process is pretty standard. The pawnbroking process starts with the customer making contact, either via a website or over the phone. At this stage, they will be given an approximate loan estimate and an appointment for a complimentary appraisal of their item. At Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, your dedicated pawnbrokers in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, our pawnbroking service is by appointment only, ensure that the right experts are available on the day on one side and that the our pawnbroking service is offered in a discreet manner.

The appraisal will be carried out by an expert who can identify an accurate valuation of your asset based on a number of factors. This valuation will be the sum of the loan you are offered, and there is no obligation once the free appraisal has been completed. If you choose to proceed with the loan, you may be wondering precisely what are pawn shop loans in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles?

At our pawn shop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, our loans are asset-based, which means that if you fail to make the repayments plus interest within the agreed-upon schedule, your asset is forfeit. We will sell it to recoup the money loaned to you. However, you can pay back the loan at any point throughout the term of a contract, and they can be renewed or extended at the end of the contract terms as long as the interest accrued throughout the original term has been fully paid.

In the pawnbroking industry, it's not unusual for the question of credit scores to come up. When you apply for a loan from a bank, they will check your credit score, which will instantly have an impact, particularly if your application for a loan is declined. If you are accepted, then the way the loan goes down will have an impact on your credit score - if you pay everything back in full and on time, it will be good for your credit score, but if you default on any payments or fail to pay back in full, your credit score will take a hit.

With a pawnbroker loan such as in our pawn shop in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area, none of this is ever an issue. The loans are entirely based on the asset you present, so there is never any need to perform a credit check. If you fail to pay the loan back, the pawnbroker will simply sell the item you left as collateral to get their money back - this has no impact on your credit score whatsoever. Of course, it also means you don't benefit from improvements to your credit rating if you make the repayments in full. Still, the risk is lower and everything is managed on the basis of the collateral you leave.

As high-end pawnbrokers in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive can offer loans against a wide range of luxury assets. We can also buy certain items outright, and currently offer the option for customers to sell their fine watches, diamonds, fine jewelry and fine wine. There are benefits to both options, so let's compare the two options.

First off, when you pawn your asset for a loan at a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawn shop, you unlock its current market value to access cash when you need it. You then pay back that money over a predetermined period of time (plus interest) and then get your asset back. This is good for treasured items, and it also means you can unlock its value again at a later date by pawning or selling, by which time the value may have increased.

Of course, if you sell an item then you get the money without having to worry about paying anything back. Both options are great when you have valuable items sitting around, so you just need to weigh up whether paying back the loan might cause you more problems. At Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, the leading Beverly Hills and Los Angeles pawnbroker, we are happy to help out with advice if you need it.

Pawn shop loans are cash loans against a valuable asset that is used as collateral. The amount loaned depends on the appraisal of the asset in question, and you get an agreed-upon time to repay the loan and retrieve your item. Payday loans, on the other hand, are given against a specific sum of money, based upon your monthly earnings. The interest rates are extremely high, but they are paid back over a short period of time (usually when the borrower's pay check arrives).

As a high-end pawn shop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, we believe there are several key benefits to a pawn shop loan vs a payday loan. First is the impact on your credit score - a pawn shop loan has no impact whatsoever, while payday loans involve credit checks and can become very problematic if you are unable to make the repayment in time. Additionally, the interest rates on loans from our pawnbrokers in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles are considerably lower than those on payday loans, and if you are unable to make repayments you simply lose your collateral, whereas with payday loans you rack up more debt.

The pay periods are also much longer and easier to handle with pawn shop loans. If you are in need of some cash quickly, and you have some valuable items at your disposal, you should look for pawnbrokers near me. Our Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawn shop is at your disposal.

When you have your item appraised at our pawn shop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, our experts will make an accurate valuation for the current market. When the pawn shop prices are presented to you, there is room for some negotiation depending on the asset and your individual circumstances.

Our pawn shop rates are some of the best in the market, with 2.99% interest charged monthly (meaning a representative APR of 35.88%). Pawn shop interest rates are generally not negotiable, as they make up a key component of a pawnbroker's business model. We offer loan periods of above 60 days up to a maximum of 4 months, so your loan period can be negotiated according to your needs. We aim to offer a fair service and meet the requirements of our customers, so we have some room for negotiation when it comes to the loan amount offered. Please be advised that this is at our discretion, and we cannot offer loans that are not proportionate to the value of the asset in question at our pawnbrokers in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles.

You will not find a pawn shop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles that pays better than Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive. Keep us in mind when you are looking for pawnbrokers near me - we have an international reputation for quality service and real value. When you need to unlock cash for your assets, you need a pawnbroker you can trust to provide you with a fair valuation and a realistic repayment schedule that ensures you walk away as a satisfied customer.

We have 26+ years' experience in the pawnbroking industry, offering auction-based valuations as the foundation of our loans. We also offer unbeatable interest rates. All fees are included in this, and there are no hidden fees or extra costs for early release. Our in-house team of handpicked experts offer accurate and fair appraisals of your luxury items, ensuring you get the right loan amount for the asset you have. If you are wondering what pawn shop pays the most in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, look no further than Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive.

If you are considering whether a pawnbroker loan is right for you, you should get an understanding of what pawnshops are looking for. Pawnbrokers are interested in doing business with customers who possess a wide range of high-end items - you may be surprised at some of the pieces we are willing to consider. At Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, we like our customers to be fully informed, so we'd like to offer you a guide to answer the question "What can I pawn in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area?" Hopefully you will find that your particular item is included, but if it isn't, you could always drop us a line and tell us about your piece - we'd love to hear from you.

First up, you can pawn your jewelry in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles. The Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive team can help you wither sell, or secure loans against, your valuable jewelry. Whether you have an art nouveau piece by the likes of Rene Lalique, or a more modern Cartier necklace, our team can advise on modern, vintage and antique jewelry. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and any other type of fine jewelry are of interest to us, so please don't hesitate to get in touch and make an appointment for a complimentary appraisal.

Similarly, if you wish to pawn your diamonds in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, we can assist. The gemstones we purchase or loan against include diamonds, as well as ruby, emerald and sapphire. They can be loose stones or incorporated into jewelry - in either case, we are willing to take your item into consideration for purchase or loan. Our expert diamond brokers and gemological specialist advisers will evaluate and appraise your gemstones to provide an objective and accurate valuation for you.

Next, you will be pleased to learn you can pawn your watch in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles. A luxury watch is more than a mere timepiece; it is a fine statement of prestige. We have a wealth of experience in fine watches, and can help you release cash by either purchasing or loaning against your fine modern, antique or vintage watches. If you have a beautiful Patek Philippe or Rolex piece sat in a drawer, we can offer accurate, fair valuations to help you unlock its cash value and make it work for you.

Another option is to pawn your classic car in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles. Our dedicated automotive department can assist you in taking out loans against classic or luxury cars. We love a classic Ferrari, Aston Martin, Rolls Royce, Bentley and Porsche model. We also offer loans against modern luxury cars from brands like Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla or Lamborghini. In any case, our experts appraise for loans against luxury and classic cars of all the leading prestige marques, with the help of our trusted network of car specialists.

If you approach us wishing to pawn your fine art and paintings in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, we can help. We have years of experience in this field, and can offer loans against single works or collections of luxurious fine art. Our team can provide expert advice and loan brokering to the most exclusive of clientele, including investors, collectors and dealers in fine art. We are able to consider loans against fine art and prints, are in a position to offer privileged knowledge of the fine art market, and can help you make informed decisions about how to proceed with your pieces.

You may want to pawn antiques and collectibles in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles to unlock their cash value. At Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, we have been dealing in antiques since the very beginning, and our 25+ years' experience makes us real experts at appraising antiques and collectibles. When you take an antique to a pawn shop, it can be helpful to have some documentation that gives an idea of the item's lineage. Also, don't clean or polish it before taking it in - this can take away from an item's character, and may even cause damage. In either case, the value of the item could go down.

If you are wondering whether you can pawn fine wine collections in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, the answer is a resounding yes. Single bottles and collections are both considered, and we are able to offer loans against fine wines from the most established or contemporary vineyards. You could score a loan with bottles of Latour, Rothschild, Petrus, Penfolds Grange, Margaux, Château d’Yquem and many more - just make an appointment and our experts will be able to give you a fair appraisal of your fine wines.

That makes up the full list of what we will consider at Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive. We pride ourselves on covering a diverse range of luxury items - more than you will find at most other pawn shops - and we offer unbeatable interest rates on every loan. Our expert appraisal team will always give a fair market valuation of every asset, whether you are taking out a loan or selling an item to us, and we treat every customer with the discretion and sensitivity you expect. All items we take in are safely and securely stored, so they will be returned to you in exactly the same condition you left them in. If you've been wondering what pawnshops in Beverly Hills, Los Angels and other areas are looking for, we hope this section has been helpful.

Absolutely, positively not. There are strict laws in place that are designed to prevent pawn shops from being able to accept stolen goods…you cannot emulate movie criminals selling to unscrupulous pawn shops. A reputable pawn shop and stolen property are simply not compatible, and when you bring an item to pawn there will be stringent identification requirements you will have to fulfil.

With many items, you will need more than just proof of your identity to deal with a pawn shop. You will also need documentation that proves your ownership of the items in question. If you are unable or unwilling to provide the necessary documentation, then no pawn shop will consider loaning against your assets. So, do pawn shops take stolen goods? No, never.

If you want to pawn a luxury watch, but you don't have its original box and paperwork, then you are out of luck. It's not unusual for customers to ask if they can pawn my watch without papers, but the reality is that our pawn shop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles has a reputation for ethical practice, and that's something we hold dear. Without papers, there is no way of knowing whether you truly own the piece, or whether it is stolen. As such, no Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawnbroker will accept it, so it is not possible to pawn my watch if I don't have papers.

For a pawnshop to buy or loan against an asset, they must always see valid ID from the customer. Without this, no pawnbroker can proceed with a transaction, as it is a legal requirement. The objective of this is to prevent stolen goods from being pawned. You will need an ID to be able to pawn your goods, no matter what they are, hence please consider this before making an appointment.

If you live in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles and are wondering "Where is the closest pawn shop near me?", look no further than Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive. Our pawn shop is located in the center of the Beverly Hills area, and Rodeo Drive is one of the most affluent locations in town. In fact, Julia Roberts' character came and did her clothes shopping right here in Pretty Woman. Los Angeles residents will love how close we are, making us the best pawn shop near me, phone number 424 335 0650.

You'll find us at 9615 Brighton Way #210, just off Wilshire Boulevard with its fabulous skyscrapers and the world-famous Miracle Mile. Right around the corner is Rodeo Drive, home to the most expensive store in the world: House of Bijan, where customers average $10,000 a visit, as well as Cartier, Tiffany's, Hermes and the like. In short, we are in the heart of America's most affluent area, so you can rest assured we are a high-end business.

So if you are in Los Angeles and wondering "Where is the best pawn shop near me?" look no further than Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive. We deal in luxury items, and Los Angeles residents will find that we're the best pawn shop near me open now.

If you are looking for the best pawnbrokers in Los Angeles, no-one else comes close to Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive. While we are not in Los Angeles per se, we are just a very short journey away in Beverly Hills. The short journey is worthwhile for the outstanding interest rates we offer (the best in the market) and the wide range of luxury items we consider for loans and purchases.

No Los Angeles pawnshop can offer what we do - genuine expert appraisals, unbeatable interest rates and a fast, discrete service in one of the most luxurious, affluent locations in the world. At our store on Brighton Way, you are right around the corner from the very stores where people like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Barack Obama and other notable figures have been known to frequent. Names like Cartier and Tiffany's are famous all over the world, and they are right around the corner from our store. We are in the heart of luxury and affluence, and our service reflects that.

So if you're searching for a Los Angeles pawnbroker, Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive should be your first stop. Give us a call and tell us about your piece - we can give you a ballpark loan figure and arrange a formal appraisal to enable you to unlock the cash value of your luxury items.

If you're wondering 'which pawn shop is open today near me?', then Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive might be the pawnshop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles you're looking for. Providing a high-end, exclusive, and unique service to our clientele, we specialize in delivering pawnshop services for the most high-end items, from jewelry and luxury watches to designer items and artwork. If you want to know what pawn shop is open today near me, we're the number one choice for your specific requirements. Contact us directly to book in a free quotation and appraisal on your valuable items, for a secure and convenient loans or sales process.

We provide high-end customer service and a discrete appointment-only appraisal process to ensure that every step taken with us is of the same quality you'd expect. Our 25 years of industry experience and convenient location makes us the top answer to 'what pawn shop is open right now?'. For a service that just can't be matched, pick Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive. Excellent service, discretion, and incredibly accurate in-house appraisals are what we do. If you're searching for a pawnbroker that goes above and beyond for their clientele, our Beverly Hills-based pawn shop is your number one choice.

Luxury watches are one of the first items accepted by many pawn shops for loans on watches in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, and for good reason. These opulent timepieces are an excellent option if you're considering what pawn shops take watches, or how best to sell or secure a loan against a particular iconic watch. At Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, we're the high-end watches pawn shop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles that takes our customer service to the next level. Using multiple different factors and considerations such as age, condition, and rarity, we accurately value pawn watches in-house with our expert appraisal team for a range of different luxury brands and designer labels.

If you're looking for a pawn shop to sell watches, or you're wondering 'can pawn shops buy watches?', then our high-end clientele-focused service is the ideal place to start. We work with our customers to sell their Rolex, Harry Winston, Omega, or even Piaget watches. If a pawnshop for watches in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles is your goal, then our convenient location and dedication to discretion set us apart from other options on the market. Why pawn my watch in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles at a general pawnbroker when you can choose knowledgeable industry experts to get the best possible price? For the pawning of luxury watches, turning to the experts is the best move you can make.

We do things differently with our customer-first approach to pawnbroker services, offering a high level of knowledge, expertise, and over 25 years of industry experience to our esteemed customers to ensure the pawning process is smooth, comfortable, and above all, discrete. We offer appointment-only pawnbroking services to ensure that you are our sole priority, from quotation through to loan or sell. If you're looking for a high-end, quality pawn shop service near you, then look no further.

Do you need a pawnshop for Rolex watches? As one of the most valuable and well-known luxury watch brands on the market, it's no surprise that many varieties of Rolex are sold or pawned – especially considering the fact that many models increase in value over time. With some of the world's most valuable Rolexes selling for more than $10 million at auction, including the iconic Daytona, it's no surprise these precious timepieces are top choices for loans on Rolex watches. As a pawnbroker that specializes in high-end jewelry and watches, such as the unmistakable Rolex, Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive are the ideal discrete service needed when it comes to Rolex pawnbrokers in the LA area.

Depending on the model, age, and even limited-edition nature of your Rolex, it's possible that a family heirloom or earlier purchase could be worth far more than its original price. This is especially true for high-end watches that have been kept in perfect condition, only increasing the value of the Rolex over time. Unlike some other luxury brands, Rolexes are designed to stand the test of time, with models from the 1940s and beyond still in working condition to this day. For such a specific and impressive piece of history, choosing an experienced and professional pawnbroker service ensures that the worth and historical value of your timepiece is done justice.

Rolexes are one of the most common forms of luxury watches that come through our doors. Combined with our industry expertise and 25 years of appraisal experience of luxury timepieces such as the Rolex Submariner, Rolex Oyster, and even the Rolex Deep Sea, we're the ideal choice for those looking to accurately and discretely price their Rolex collection for sale or loan purposes. If you're asking yourself, 'where can I pawn my Rolex in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles?', our convenient location on the famous Rodeo Drive makes us the perfect option.

Alongside popular and high-end timepieces, luxury jewelry is also a popular choice to secure loans or sell at a pawn shop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles. For those considering loans on jewelry from a pawn shop, picking a service that meets the quality of your jewelry pieces, and exceeds your expectations, it the ideal way to complete the process quickly, accurately, and discretely. There are many reasons why you may choose to pawn my jewelry in Beverley Hills of Los Angeles. If you do make that choice, then picking a pawnshop that understands the value, history, and worth of your items is your next step.

Can pawn shops appraise jewelry? Many Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawnbroker for jewelry services do offer the sale of valuable pieces, as well as loans against luxury items. However, a lot of these services don't have the expert industry knowledge and decades of experience to appropriately and accurately value expensive rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more. This is especially true for antique or highly valuable vintage pieces, as well as for more modern items like Cartier bracelets and other designer high-end brands. At Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, we have 25 years of experience appraising fine jewelry, enabling us to provide an exceptional standard of service to our clientele.

If you want to know where you can find a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawn shop near me, our convenient location on the famous Rodeo Drive makes us the obvious choice. For loans against the most opulent jewelry items, from expensive story-bought pieces to decades-old family heirlooms, we treat all valuable items with the utmost care, allowing for a discrete appraisal service that goes far beyond the basics. Our standards are as high as the quality of your diamond rings, gem-inset necklaces, and heirloom pieces, ensuring we're the number one choice for our high-end clientele in the LA area.

As one of the best-known luxury brands in the USA and beyond, it's no surprise that Hermes bags are some of the most sought-after accessories on the market – and much like Rolexes and fine jewelry, they only increase in price after purchase if kept in top condition. If you're considering loans on Hermes bags in your collection, or you're considering a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawnbroker for Hermes handbag, then picking a high-end service that understands the worth and history of these high-end luxury bags is a must to achieve an appraisal that's quick, effective and accurate.

With the iconic Hermes Birkin bag achieving the fantastic price of $200k at auction in the Himalayan Crocodile colorway, there's no doubting that these impressively designed bags can be worth far more than their initial purchase price. As valuable collector's items and high-end accessories, it's no surprise that Hermes remains in the top spot for the world's most opulent handbags. As such, if you're thinking to pawn my Hermes bag in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, you want to choose a pawnbroker that understands the value of these unique Hermes bags. From vintage models to current season bags, a pawnbroker that knows it all is worth their weight in gold.

At Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, we're not only experts when it comes to accurately appraising even the most limited edition of Hermes bags, we're also ideally located amongst the luxury labels and high-end stores on Rodeo Drive to have the highest level of insight on these fantastic handbags, granting us a unique perspective our clientele loves. If you're looking for an experienced central Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawn shop, our convenient location and discrete service make us the natural choice. For a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawn shop for Hermes handbags near me, there's no better location.

Many consider high-end pawnbrokers in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles to offer loans and sales on smaller items such as luxury watches, expensive jewelry, or even designer goods. However, there are other options available to those with more substantial assets, such as prestige vehicles or classic cars. In fact, for many, the highest-value item they own is a luxury car, making them the ideal choice for loans on luxury and classic cars to access funds quickly and effectively. With high-end cars fetching millions at auction every year and many vehicles increasing in value as they become more and more sought-after, it makes perfect sense that a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawnbroker for luxury and classic cars are available to top-tier clientele.

From Ferraris to Aston Martins, Bentleys to Lamborghinis, picking a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawn shop for luxury and classic cars near me means choosing a service that understands the ins and outs, exceptional value and incredible history of these beautiful vehicles. At Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, we have over two decades of experience appraising valuable, high-end possessions, including both modern and classic cars, to achieve incredibly accurate valuations for loans and sales against some of the world's most expensive and luxury vehicles. With cars like the Ferrari 250 GT selling at more the $7 million at auction, a fortune waiting to happen might just be sitting in your garage.

If you want to know 'How can I pawn my luxury or classic car in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles?', the process is easier than you might think. Our focus on high-end customer service allows us to provide discrete personal appointments for appraisal, ideal for placing loans against or selling large-scale items like a sports car or classic vehicles without additional hassle or fuss. From the first quotation to the final sale or loan agreement, we make the process smooth, easy, and convenient for our clientele. For pawning your high-value car, we're the service best-suited to meet the challenge.

From valuable engagement rings to heirloom wedding bands, vintage pieces, and modern cut jewelry, many Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawnbrokers offer loans on diamond rings of all shapes and sizes. For many individuals, these small jewelry items can be the most valuable high-end pieces they own, especially when it comes to those inset with high-value gems like diamonds as well as rubies, sapphires, and more. Art deco pieces, Harry Winston modern rings, and Cartier pieces are standard in many pawnshops, but choosing a pawnbroker that has the expertise, experience, and knowledge to accurately appraise those sentimental and valuable pieces is vitally important. Especially when it comes to vintage, unique, or specifically-designed jewelry that needs a keen eye and an excellent understanding of fine jewelry to assess its worth accurately.

With modern diamond rings reaching prices in the hundreds of thousands, and the GIA-graded Pink Star fetching a dazzling $71 million at auction, there's no doubt that there's a great deal of value in diamonds. Unlocking that value by choosing a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawnshop for diamond rings near me is the best way to quickly and conveniently access high-value loans or a quick sale to access funds swiftly and discretely. At Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, we understand that sentimental and physical worth, with in-house expert appraisal services to provide pinpoint accurate valuations every time.

If you're looking to pawn my diamond ring in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, our Rodeo Drive-based service is as practical as it is high-end. Offering our clientele exceptional customer service as a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawnbroker for diamond rings. For a standard of service, you can't access elsewhere, and a level of care for your jewelry that's a must for such delicate and valuable pieces, Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive is an excellent choice.

Baguette cuts, pear cuts, modern shapes, and vintage styles – there's far more to diamonds than meets the untrained eye, and there's a reason why these beautiful gems are one of the most valuable items many individuals own. For loans on diamond rings in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, or any other form of diamond jewelry such as necklaces, earrings and more, choosing a company with an elite reputation is a must. Not to mention, a unique understanding of the value of these high-end pieces can ensure that you get the most out of choosing to pawn my diamond ring in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles.

If you're considering a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawnbroker for diamonds, Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive offer the personalized, high-end service you need to ensure your luxury diamond jewelry is adequately appraised and priced. As a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawn shop for diamonds and similar valuable property and assets, we're well-equipped with over 25 years of experience. This means an exemplary level of service for our clientele, in addition to appointment-based appraisal services completed by in-house experts. For pawnbrokers in Beverly Hills of Los Angeles, there's a reason our clientele chooses us over other pawnbrokers out there.

With vintage Cartier diamond rings selling for as much as $200k, it's no surprise that Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawn shops for diamonds services are available from many locations. But to receive that level of high-end service, choosing a high-end pawnbroker is a must. Our Rodeo Drive locations and exclusive appointment-based service ensure discretion, quality, and customer care from quotation through to sale or loan approval. If you're considering pawning diamond jewelry, picking the service that puts your needs first is the best way to achieve your goals. Fast, accurate, and practical, accessing funds from your diamond pieces has never been more convenient.

Vintage fine wines, modern limited edition, or even high-end branded wine bottles are far more than just the perfect accompaniment to that next big event or celebration. If you're looking to access funds quickly and you're considering what assets to use, opting to pawn my fine wine collection or secure loans on fine wine collections might be just the solution you require. For wine collectors, it's evident that the worth of this often-rare collector's item is far more than what's in the bottle; it's about the history, rarity, and quality of the wine itself that makes luxury wine so valuable.

If you'd like to find a fine wine pawn shop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, your best bet is to opt for a high-end wine specialist. We allow for the fast and convenient valuation of your most valuable collections or even single bottles of wine by appointment only. At Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, we provide that exclusive service as a wine pawnbroker in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, conveniently located near some of the city's finest shopping and dining locations on the famous Rodeo Drive. With the most expensive wine ever – a French Burgundy – selling for an incredible $558k at auction, there's no doubt that there's a high level of value in those bottles. So why not secure a loan against something that's being stored for now anyway?

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, our in-house appraisal team is more than equipped to meet the requirements of our clientele. Whether you're considering loaning against a full collection, or you have a particular Rothschild, Margaux or Petrus you'd like to use, we're the Beverly Hills of Los Angeles pawn shop for wine that you need. For customer service that goes above and beyond and a personalized pawning experience, there's no better place to turn.

If you're considering a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawnbroker for art or paintings, then you likely already own a selection or one single piece of artwork that you feel would be the ideal choice to use at pawnbrokers in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles. Artwork may not be one of the best-known resources for pawning or loans, but with many high-end paintings holding their unique value, choosing loans on paintings or loans on fine art is more accessible than you might think. Especially if you decide to work with a high-end, award-winning pawnbroker like Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive. We specialize in high-end assets, such as fine painting and drawing, allowing us to provide loans across artwork from a selection of different artists.

We offer loans on fine art from a range of different well-known artists, including famous examples such as Van Gogh, Hockney, Dali, and Basquiat. Thanks to our industry expertise and specific knowledge as a Beverly Hills or Los Angeles pawn shop for art and paintings, we're able to offer highly accurate appraisals completed in-house. Our personalized appraisal service is appointment-only, allowing for the utmost discretion and customer care in the process. If you're thinking 'I want to pawn my paintings professionally,' then our service goes above and beyond those requirements.

With pieces from artists like Banksy and Warhol regularly reaching millions at auction, we can offer outstanding loans against a variety of different fine artworks that you may have in your possession. From a single piece to a collection of paintings or drawings, we're the experts. If you're wondering, 'How can I pawn my art in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles?', our discrete and professional services are the answer to that question. Our clientele chooses us thanks to our expertise, unique knowledge, and complete customer satisfaction – and you could experience all that too.

Beyond jewelry, watches, and typical pawn shop items, loans on antiques and collectables are viable alternatives for those looking to access funds quickly and discretely. With many antique heirlooms, purchased household items or vintage pieces now worth a considerable amount to a pawnbroker in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles for antiques and collectables, it makes sense to use the resources available to you to gain access to the cash you need. High-end collector's items, such as globes, clocks, or even decorative pieces, with high value, are also viable options for those looking to secure a loan against the assets they currently have.

In terms of value, antiques and collectables certainly shouldn't be overlooked. For those considering whether to pawn my antiques and collectables in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, the value of the assets you have at home may be worth far more than you first imagined. With decorative items like the Pinner Qing Dynasty Vase reaching an incredible $80 million at auction, and furniture pieces often reaching in the tens of thousands, it's a sensible choice to use the items you have in your household to secure that needed loan. As for the pawnshop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles for antiques and collectables you should choose, Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive has the knowledge and experience to quickly and accurately value even the rarest of antiques and collectables with the discretion you'd expect from a high-end pawn shop service.

Whether you have an antique Cartier clock, a vintage collection of rare coins, or even sought-after vintage furniture, choosing Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive guarantees you a level of customer service and care that you can't get elsewhere. Our appointment-only appraisal service is one of the reasons our clientele return to us time and time again, as a service that's as professional as it is discrete.

If you've looked at the various pawnbrokers in Los Angeles or Beverly Hills and the surrounding areas, you've likely wondered, 'which pawn shop is the best?'. With so much choice, it can be challenging to decide which pawn shop is the best fit for your needs, as well as your requirements. So when it comes to pawnbrokers near me, why should you choose Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive? Several factors make us the number one high-end choice in the LA area, all of which set us apart from other pawnshops and services in Beverly Hills and beyond.

As an award-winning pawn shop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, we go above and beyond to exceed the expectations of our clientele. One of the ways we do this is with our smooth and straightforward pawnbroking process, designed to offer a personalized and highly discrete alternative to standard pawn shops. We value our customers, and this is reflected in the one-on-one appointments and bespoke pawnbroking service we offer every individual. We understand that no two cases are the same, and if you need to pawn your fine assets and belongings, both high levels of discretion and understanding are required. Especially when it comes to sentimental or heirloom items.

While we don't offer online pawnbroking services, we do provide support over the phone and online to complete your initial quotation for your convenience. This is then followed with a visit to our exclusive appointment-only Beverly Hills pawnbrokers on the famous Rodeo Drive, where our in-house appraisal team can complete a thorough and specialized valuation of the assets you're hoping to pawn. This attention to detail helps us to surpass any other pawn shop in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles, and over 25 years of experience in the industry ensures we're as accurate as we are professional every step of the way.

If you've considered pawning a valuable antique, high-end Rolex watch or diamond jewelry, placing those items in our hands to secure that much-needed access to funds is the best step to take. Our secure and discrete process ensures that sentimental items remain safe in our possession, and the quality of our high-end clientele proves just why we're the top luxury pawnbrokers in the LA area. For a pawnbroker service that makes each step more straightforward than the last, and accepts anything from fine artwork to luxury vehicles, Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive is precisely the service you're looking for.

The history of pawnbroking is a long and fascinating one, dating back to medieval Europe, where pawnshops were as conventional as public houses in many cases. One significant part of this intriguing historical origin of pawnbroking is the use of the pawnbroker symbol; a classic sign used to identify pawnbrokers even from a distance. You'll find this sign outside our Rodeo Drive store, as well as outside many other pawnshops in the wider area.

Most commonly used as a symbol of three golden balls, representing St Nicholas, who, based on legend, saved the father of three girls from poverty by loaning each a bag of gold so they could be wed. While the concept no longer works quite as well as it did back in medieval times, the symbol still stands as an identifier of pawnshops all across Europe and in the US too. Though pawn shops are far more particular about the items they loan against today than they were in medieval Europe.

While there are several interpretations of this myth, including the slaying of a giant with three bags of rocks in Italian history, many pawnshop owners hold their own definition of the value of the pawnbrokers' symbol, and it remains a popular talking point to this day.