How Much can I Borrow against my Luxury Watch in 2019?

If you need to raise capital quickly and you possess a luxury watch, perhaps the easiest way to achieve this is to consider borrowing against the value of your timepiece via Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive. Loans can be secured against brands like Cartier, Breguet, Hublot, Piaget, Rolex, Tiffany and more.

Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive has 25 years of experience when it comes to fine watch loans. As a respected international pawnbroker, the business prides itself on offering advice, information and a discreet service where you can unlock funds by pawning your luxury watch. As part of the service you can expect complimentary appraisals and instant funding. You can even sell your assets for access to immediate cash.

Understanding how a pawnbroker works

When it comes to working out the value of a pawned item, a broker will take many factors into account. Because most luxury watches are unique, there’s no set criteria that encompasses all timepieces – although there are some basics that each pawnbroker will consider before coming to a conclusion.

Luxury watch market value

When visiting a pawnbroker with your watch, the first thing they will take into account is the market value of the item.

Approximately 85 percent of borrowers go on to reclaim their watch after they’ve repaid their loan – but a pawnbroker must always consider what could happen if the owner of the luxury timepiece cannot afford the repayments. The pawnbroker may then be in a position to sell the watch to recoup any funds they have lost on the loan.

When assessing the market value of a luxury watch, a pawnbroker will base their assessment on what the watch is likely to fetch at auction if the loan secured against it goes unpaid. An experienced pawnbroker will consider several factors to ascertain market value. All good pawnbrokers have expertise industry knowledge, and they’ll also look at current price lists or check the prices of similar items at auction to come to an estimated value. In cases where the luxury timepiece is particularly rare or unique (for example, if it was once owned by a person of note) the pawnbroker might have to consult a specialist in order to accurately evaluate the worth of the watch.

The market value of your timepiece will not equal the amount you can borrow against it. In most circumstances, a pawnbroker will offer you between 60 and 70 percent of the market value of your watch.

Supply and demand

Market saturation often dictates how much a broker will agree to lend you against your watch. If the current luxury watch market is filled with a particular brand, such as Antoine Perziuso or Audemars Piguet, it’s likely that the watch will command a lower price than a rare item. However, supply and demand trends have a tendency to change with time, and prices can fluctuate based on changing market variables.

Luxury watch model

The make and model of a watch are important when it comes to deciding pawn loan values. Rare, exclusive and limited-edition models will typically command higher values, as these are often thought of as “investment pieces”. Brands like Rolex, Chopard, FP Journe and Harry Winston are usually in high demand among collectors, although changing markets mean that what once was a collector’s item may now seem out of fashion, and vice-versa.

The condition of your luxury watch

Before agreeing to provide a loan, an experienced pawnbroker will take some time to scrutinise a luxury watch to ensure it is in excellent condition. Luxury watches are renowned for their precision, so any malfunctions or inabilities to accurately keep time could have a huge impact on market value. Occasionally, minor imperfections won’t affect the value of the watch too much (if it is a particularly old or rare model, or if the watch can be easily repaired, for example). However, well looked-after, cared for and properly stored watches will inevitably be worth more than watches that have been “around the block” a few times.


In a world flooded with bogus fake watches, a pawnbroker must be 100% certain that any watch which comes into the store is authentic. It’s therefore important to bring all relevant documentation with you when visiting a pawnbroker. This can include certificates of authenticity and any relevant repair documentation.

How much could my luxury watch sell at auction for?

The price your watch could command at auction will depend on all of the above factors. As you might expect, rare or limited-edition models have a greater chance of commanding large values at auction – although demand also plays a key part in determining how much your luxury timepiece could sell for. For example: even if you have the rarest watch in the world, if there are no interested parties at the time of going to auction it could sell for far less than its market value.

However, it’s unusual for a rare watch to not command interest under the hammer. In 2018 alone, there were at least five auction houses that sold watches for no less than $2 million. Some of the most expensive watches ever sold at auction include:

1) Patek Philippe’s Henry Graves Jr Supercomplication

This watch reached a final asking price of $23.98 million during an auction overseen by Sotheby’s in Geneva. The luxury pocket watch is regarded as one of the most complicated mechanical timepieces ever created. It boasts 24 complications and is manufactured from 18-carat gold. This watch was commissioned by the banker Henry Graves Jr, from where it gets its name.

maintain luxury watch

2) Paul Newman’s Rolex Daytona

In 2017, a Rolex wristwatch owned by the actor Paul Newman sold at Phillips’ auction house in New York for $17.75 million after a 12-minute bidding war. Over the course of the day, the auctioneer sold watches totalling almost $29 million from manufacturers including Heuer, Omega, Audemars, Piguet and Cartier.

loans against fine watches

3) Patek Philippe Star Calibre 2000

Back in 2012, this watch (reference 990/1) reached a final asking price of $3.28 million during an auction held by Christie’s in Hong Kong. This exceptionally rare 18-carat double-dial clock watch features 21 complications, Westminster chimes, a leap year cycle and more.

Do personal circumstances affect how much you could borrow against your luxury watch?

In short, yes. Most pawnbrokers will look at your personal situation when considering the likelihood of whether you’ll be able to pay your loan off. If you have a poor credit history, a pawnbroker might be more likely to prepare to sell your luxury watch on in the event of non-payment, and will factor this potential additional work into your loan terms.

Pawnbrokers are in the business of making money from the interest charged on loans. They would rather see customers repay their loan and redeem their timepiece than have to go to the trouble of selling a luxury watch. Customers who are considered “low-risk” are likely to be offered a better loan agreement that those who are an unknown quantity. Repeat customers are usually a good bet for pawnbrokers, as they already have a history of reclaiming their items after repaying a loan. It’s estimated that 80 percent of those who use pawnbroking services do so twice or more each year.

To get a great deal while negotiating a loan contract against your luxury timepiece, it makes sense to choose a reputable, experienced pawnbroker. At the Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, you are always guaranteed a fair service with knowledge, expertise and advice. If you’ve got a luxury watch and need access to funds, why not contact the team today?

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