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5 Brands of Jewelry that Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive will loan against or buy right now in 2021 !

Here at Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, we have over 25 years’ experience in the trading of fine jewelry and diamonds. Our knowledgeable team will be able to value your luxury pieces, allowing you to release capital by securing an instant loan, or selling your diamond jewelry to us.

From modern Cartier jewelry to vintage diamonds, our resident team of jewelry brokers and gemological specialists will be able to accurately evaluate your fine jewelry and diamonds. Our team understand the jewelry industry, and we know which styles are popular today and which vintage pieces will remain collectible classics.

When valuing jewelry, there are many aspects to consider such as the condition, its design and the purity of the metal and its current price. If you are selling diamonds or other fine gemstones the value will depend on its rarity and the condition. The most important aspect when loaning against, pawning or selling luxury branded fine jewelry and diamonds is to consult the services of an expert valuator, their knowledge will be invaluable to you.

We pride ourselves on our objective, accurate and confidential service, attributes which have made us a popular choice for those selling their luxury branded diamond  pieces.

Pawn or Sell your Harry Winston Diamond Jewelry

Harry Winston opened the door to his first store in 1932, where he gained an impressive reputation for purchasing old, unfashionable jewelry and resetting them using the latest styles. In 1949 Harry became a household name when he purchased the legendary Hope Diamond for $1 million. Today his reputation lives on through the Harry Winston Diamond Corporation, which has produced some of the finest jewelry ever sold.

In 2018, one of the most famous jewelry sales in the world was the Winston Pink Legacy. The 18.96-carat rectangular cut diamond is a vivid shade of pink and was purchased for $50.3 million. This sale set a new world record for the price per carat achieved at auction, as it sold for more than $2.6 million per carat.

If you are considering loaning against, or selling your Harry Winston diamond jewelry, our knowledgeable team will help you understand the true value of your piece.

Pawn or Sell your Graff Diamond Jewelry

Since 1960, Laurence Graff has used unique gemstones to create luxurious, creative and innovative jewelry. Laurence quickly gained an impressive reputation as London’s ‘King of diamonds’ and over the years The House of Graff has been the custodian of some of the world’s most renowned gemstones. The most notable triumph for Graff was the creation of the Graff Venus in 2016, a 118.78-carat D flawless heart shape diamond, which is the largest in the world.

One of the most notable sales of Graff jewelry was in 2009 by Christie’s. The ring incorporated a fancy vivid pink 5.00-carat diamond, which was flanked by diamonds and set in an 18-carat rose gold ring. The ring sold for more than double its estimate at over $10 million, which at the time was a record-breaking sale for pink diamonds.

As specialists in loaning against and buying Graff diamond jewelry and other luxury brands, we ensure you are able to borrow against, or sell at the true value of your luxurious pieces.

Pawn or Sell your Cartier Diamond Jewelry

Cartier is a brand which is known around the world for its luxurious watches and fine, elegant jewelry. Its powerful name and unrivalled longevity can be largely attributed to the unique vision of Louis-Francois Cartier. Louis created timeless pieces with meticulous attention paid to the creation of luxurious items for celebrities, royalty and wealthy individuals. The brand boasts the royal seal of approval, which was issued by Kind Edward VII. This seal earned Cartier the coveted title of ‘Jeweller of Kings’.

The Sunrise Ruby by Cartier is known as one of the rarest and most valuable pieces from this brand. The 25.59-carat Burmese ruby sold in 2015 for over $31 million, which was over double the estimate. The sale by Sotheby’s set a world record for a ruby sold at auction in terms of per-carat price and total price.

As one of the most recognised brands in luxurious jewelry, we are able to offer competitive loans and selling prices on Cartier diamond jewelry. Our experienced valuers will carefully examine your timeless piece, so you learn its true value and benefit from an instant loan or price on selling your Cartier diamond jewelry.

Pawn or Sell your Van Cleef and Arpels jewelry

In 1906, Alfred Van Cleef opened the Maison of Van Cleef & Arpels in Paris’ Place Vendôme, a highly coveted location across from the famous Hotel Ritz. The location quickly became known for its Parisian luxury and the brand become famous for producing some of the finest jewelry in the world, which helped the designers grow across the world. The famous New York City boutique opened in 1942 and is still open today. Charles, one of Alfred’s sons, married an Indian lady in 1970, and her style has heavily influenced the Indian inspired pieces still sold today.

In 2018, a private collection of Van Cleef & Arpels watches all sold for above their original valuation. The unique Fortuna Faerie was part of the collection, a watch which was personally inscribed by the designer Dominique Baron. The total diamond weight for the piece is 2.74-carats, with a stunning case of 18-carat white gold. The customised piece sold for an impressive $50,000, which cemented the brand’s reputation as a manufacturer of luxury watches.

The unique and exquisite jewelry designed by this brand have secured them a place in jewelry design history. With so many stunning pieces, we will always be able to offer the best loans and selling prices against Van Cleef and Arpels diamond jewelry, which reflect their true value.

Pawn or Sell your Tiffany Diamond Jewelry

Tiffany is considered by many to be the world’s most iconic jewelry brand. The company was started in 1837 on Broadway and gained a reputation for its fashionable ladies’ watches and jewelry. The brand was known for its clean, simple style which was a contrast to the opulent pieces of the Victorian era. Throughout its history, Tiffany has continued to produce breathtaking pieces using brilliant diamonds and newly discovered gemstones such as kunzite, morganite and tanzanite.

The most iconic pieces created by Tiffany are arguably their engagement rings, which are famous across the world. A great example is a 4.59-carat Burmese ruby and diamond ring, which sold for $1.15 million in June 2017, which is more than double its pre-sale estimate. Other notable pieces sold recently include a pair of art deco diamond and opal earrings, which sold for $75,000, more than triple its estimate.

If you are looking for loans against, or selling your Tiffany diamond jewelry, our trained team of valuers will be able to assist you. Our experts will be able to provide you with an interesting insight into the piece’s history, while also providing an accurate valuation and instant loan or cash on selling your Tiffany diamond jewelry piece. As such an iconic brand, these romantic and unique pieces will also retain their value.


If you’re considering why you might wish to approach us rather than seeking a private seller, we would suggest that it’s because of the exceptional service you will receive. Able to provide you with an almost instantaneous offer, and funds immediately upon your acceptance of this, we cut out the need for a middleman to perform a valuation, as well as the natural wait associated with such a process.

Professional, discreet, and committed to maintaining our exceptional professional reputation, Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive buys diamond jewelry with the client always at the forefront of our priorities, with no attempt ever made to undercut you or ignore your desires in favour of our own. Hoping always to build a strong and continuing professional relationship, we treat you with all of the respect you deserve, and this is why you can trust us completely.

The appraisals this specialist team performs are extensive. Taking into account an all-encompassing variety of factors, from make to age to condition, provenance, and demand, they use their experience to make certain that your item is not undervalued, and that you are only ever quoted an appropriate amount that you’re entirely happy with.

That’s why, if you’re thinking of pawning or selling your jewelry, we encourage you to come to us. Committed to reaching an agreement that suits both the owner and our own professional interest, we will try to accommodate your financial aims as far as possible, so that you leave us feeling completely satisfied with the bargain you’ve struck.

Whilst your item is in our keeping and being valued, you can trust us to take the very best care of it. Only hiring those who can understand and appreciate the worth of high-value jewelry, we go to every pain to keep it safe and secure, and to make absolutely certain that it is handed back to you in the condition in which it came to us, whether or not you decide to accept our offer.

We are able to offer loans, or buy against the world’s most luxurious brands and pride ourselves on our knowledge, convenience and honesty. To find out more, simply give us a call. Our skilled team will be able to efficiently value your items, so that you can quickly access a confidential and instant loan, or sell your diamond jewelry.

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