Loans against Raoul Dufy art & paintings

Do you have a rare Raoul Dufy artwork stored away in the attic, and need a short-term loan against it? Using Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive to pawn your Raoul Dufy art & paintings could be the perfect answer to your situation.

Our luxury pawn shop have years of experience in appraising artwork, taking the stress out of the whole process for you. We understand that it’s a sensitive process and therefore when you bring your valuable piece of art to us, we’ll ensure you’re treated with respect and discretion at every step of the process.

We use market values in our assessment of a piece of Raoul Dufy artwork to check what prices comparable items were sold for in recent auctions. We’ll also consider the nature and condition of the piece. Assuming everything checks out, you can walk away with one or multiple loans against Raoul Dufy art or paintings today.

We always give our genuine, honest advice when you’re weighing up the best course of action and promise to offer a great  price if you do decide to pawn your Raoul Dufy art & paintings in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles.