Sell or Pawn Your Cushion Cut Diamonds

If you find yourself under financial stress or wondering where to find the money to go on a trip of a lifetime or fund your child’s wedding or college fund, then you could consider making the most of pawning jewelry or diamonds in your home to free up capital. A cushion cut diamond is a fantastic asset with the potential to free up valuable capital. Loans on cushion cut diamonds can bring financial stability and improve your lifestyle until you are more financially stable. So if you’re wondering “how can I pawn or sell my cushion cut diamonds in Beverly Hills or Los Angeles area”, read on for the best advice from our experts here at Pawnbrokers Rodeo Drive.

Cushion cut diamonds were once known as old mine diamonds, because their traditional shape evokes past techniques when diamonds were cut and shaped by hand. Things to look out for are the square, pillow-like shape with rounded edges, which is where the diamond gets its current name. This beautiful cut has been popular for over two hundred years, but to the untrained eye it can be difficult to be certain if your diamond is indeed a cushion cut.