Sell or Pawn Your Marquise Cut Diamonds

A marquise cut diamond has an oval shape which is also admired as an eye-shaped cut, boat-shaped cut or the ‘navette’ (little ship). Its long, narrow look is especially elegant on the ring finger. If you are looking to sell or take loans on marquise cut diamonds in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area, you can rely on our expert diamond pawnbrokers for a unique understanding of your precious stone. Our discreet and professional pawnbroking service has a reputation for fair and honest appraisals. As soon as we hear a customer say, ‘I want to pawn or sell my marquise cut diamonds within the Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area” we tap in to our many years of experience to offer great service and a quick loan on your jewelry.

Loans on marquise cut diamonds

A marquise cut diamond features 58 facets and an elliptical shape with pointed ends. We don’t have enough space to give you 58 reasons to choose Pawnbrokers of Rodeo Drive, but we can give you three great ones! Firstly, your diamond comes with a story to tell. In the 18th century, King Louis XV of France commissioned a diamond cut to resemble the lips of his mistress, Madame de Pompadour. These days, the traditional marquise cut diamond is more likely to be sitting in your jewellery box or in a shop window. If that’s the case, and you want to release its capital value, it makes sense to get in touch and say, “I want to pawn or sell my Marquise cut diamonds in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area” Secondly, when you turn to us, we give you a personal invite to come along for a friendly chat about your jewels. And last but not least, experience tells us that you want to know your loan and your jewels stay safe with us. And, we can promise you that they will.