Sell or Pawn Your Princess Cut Diamonds

Princess cut diamonds are only surpassed by the round cut diamond in terms of popularity and so their value. This can make them valuable pieces if you are pondering should I pawn or sell my princess cut diamond or consider loans on princess cut diamonds in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles area?

Princess cut diamonds are considered to offer a more contemporary look than the traditional round cut diamond. This makes them particularly appealing to the modern bride and fine jewelry hunter.

The appeal of princess cut diamonds

The princess cut was created in the 1970s. It is an adaptation of the standard brilliant cut so the diamond retains its fire and brilliance. Princess cut diamonds are rectangular in shape which means the stone often keeps much more sparkle than traditional round cuts.

Princess cut diamonds have gained greatly in popularity in recent years thanks to the trend towards square stones in diamond jewelry. Square pieces have a particular wow factor and are considered a modern take on tradition with their geometric shape and strong lines. When Pippa Middleton, sister to the Duchess of Wales, got engaged to hedge fund manager James Matthew in 2017, she did so with a square engagement ring.